Weekend Activities

A full slate of on- and off-campus activities are available to LA students, both boarding and day, each weekend.

Students attending a school dance.
Each student club runs two weekend activities per year, in addition to faculty-organized shuttles to nearby shopping areas, movie nights, trampoline park trips, dances, and more. Some weekend activities are opportunities for students to fulfill their required community service hours.
"We go out of our way to make sure that the students have the opportunity to do things that they find enjoyable. We think that's healthy and that's actually really, really important. It's an essential part of community building as well. Honestly, a lot of it is us trying to trick the students and spending time with each other and it works and it builds the community as a result."
Andrew Healy, Dean of Students
Once per term, Lawrence Academy hosts on-campus weekends, programmed with input from students, that bring a variety of fun activities to the elm tree-shaded hillside. Both boarding and day students are welcome, but not required, to attend the weekends’ events.
The LA campus is located close to both train and bus lines to Boston and Cambridge, and students frequently take advantage of that access to regularly scheduled, school-sponsored shuttles to the nearest MBTA station. Students must receive parental or guardian approval to make these trips, and their departure from and return to campus is monitored as part of our regular sign-out system.

Health & Wellness

Lawrence Academy is unique in the fact that we have a certified MD on staff in our Health Center as well as two adolescent psychologists who are available for our students anytime. Learn more.

Questions about Student Life at LA

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Lawrence Academy's Student Life initiatives. We're here to help!

Email: deans@lacademy.edu

Students participating in a Weekend Activity trip to a local trampoline park.

Students participating in a Weekend Activity trip to a local trampoline park.


Aside from the many fun opportunities we offer our students on the weekends, Lawrence Academy has a full slate of traditions every year, which we celebrate and encourage our students to take part in. Learn more.