Community Service, Leadership & Clubs

Beyond LA’s classroom and co-curricular program, students are encouraged to become involved and active members of our student-centered community.

Community Service

Lawrence Academy partners with about a dozen local organizations to offer community service opportunities on weekends throughout the school year. In recent years, they have included:

  • Rise Against Hunger’s meal-packaging event;
  • a Habitat for Humanity house build;
  • serving dinner at the Nashua, N.H.,
  • Soup Kitchen & Shelter;
  • acting as “buddies” for Miracle League Baseball;
  • opportunities with Catie’s Closet, Groton Neighbors, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Blankets of Love’s Project Linus, the Nashoba Park Assisted Living Center;

and more. Students may also arrange their own service opportunities in or near their home communities, as long as they complete the work during the school year.


In addition to these clubs, a number of affinity groups meet on a monthly basis. These adult-facilitated spaces offer students who share an identity a place to gather and talk about their common issues.

For those students who aspire to lead the Lawrence Academy community in one way or another, select opportunities are available as well.

Student Clubs

Dozens of special interest-driven and community service-focused clubs exist on campus, led by students and overseen by faculty advisors.

At least 20 clubs will operate during the 2020-2021 school year.

Hitting the Books

Interested in learning more about Lawrence Academy's many class offerings? Visit our academic program pages to discover the options.

"It started out as an actual service project to run a meal packaging event and it morphed into a club [the Rise Against Hunger Club]. So now we have this set of students who are working every year to raise a certain set of money so that we can run a meal packaging event."
Kimberly Poulin, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Community Engagement

CS Hour Requirement

Helping others is an ongoing act of community citizenship, not something you do once and consider it done. Lawrence Academy hopes to instill in its students the importance of playing an active, continuous role in bettering the world around them. Therefore, all students are required to complete six hours of community service during each academic year.