Health, Wellness & Campus Safety

Students must be healthy to learn to their full potential, and must be educated about health maintenance to become fully functioning, productive members of society.

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Lawrence Academy’s Frigoletto Family Health and Counseling Center and its staff and programs are, therefore, vital parts of the school’s educational process.
Established by a former student and his family, the Health Center ensures that adequate medical attention, health education, and resources are available to all Lawrence Academy students, families, faculty, and staff members. Located on the first floor of Dana House, the Health Center is staffed by a doctor, nurses, psychologists, and other health care providers, who are available to students each school day and are on-call at all other times.

Meet the Team

Melinda Raboin

Melinda Raboin

Director of Health Services
Geoff Cohane

Geoff Cohane

School Counselor, Ph. D.
Debra Newborg

Debra Newborg

School Counselor, Psy. D.
Lisa Fei

Lisa Fei

School Nurse, RN
Adriana Akt

Adriana Akt

School Nurse, RN

Campus Safety

In order for each and every Lawrence Academy student to learn, live, and grow to their full potential, it is imperative that we provide a healthy and safe environment in which to do so. Therefore, students’ health and safety — as well that of our faculty, staff, and campus guests and visitors — is the top priority of our campus community.
Lawrence Academy was one of the first schools in Massachusetts to receive a First Team Safe Sports School designation. Led by Director of Campus Safety Frank Mastrangelo, a certified EMT and reserve member of the Groton Police Department, Lawrence Academy’s adult community members, from administrators to athletic coaches, are well-versed in the latest trends in sports medicine, law enforcement, and student health and safety. CPR and concussion training is required.
The entire Lawrence Academy community also regularly participates in fire and crisis drills. While the LA campus as a whole is open, various key spaces are locked and only accessible by key fob, and classroom doors remain locked while classes are in session. Emergency call poles connect directly to local police, and two dozen AEDs, as well as epinephrine injectors, are placed throughout campus. Flashing crosswalk signals keep students safe when they venture off campus and into downtown Groton as well.
Additionally, (as mentioned above) the Frigoletto Family Health and Counseling Center is staffed by a doctor, nurses, psychologists, and other health care providers. Health Center staff are available to students each school day and are on-call at all other times, ensuring that adequate medical attention, health education, and resources are available to everyone in the Lawrence Academy community. Having positive, effective working relationships with local law enforcement officials is also critical to the health and safety of the school community.
Town police officers spend one morning each week at Lawrence Academy for the Chat and Chew series: Over coffee and breakfast, they invite students, faculty, and staff to visit with them.

Frank Mastrangelo

Dir. of Campus Safety & Security, Ass't Dir. of Athletics, Head Athletic Trainer

As Lawrence Academy is part of the Groton, Mass., community, we maintain close working relationships with the Groton Police Department, Groton Fire Department, and local EMTs, all of whom assist in on-campus safety drills and crisis training exercises.

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Emergency Action Plans

For the safety of our community, Lawrence Academy has Samaritan AEDs and EPIPENs in select locations around campus. Use the links below to watch their respective demonstration videos.

"I want to do what I can to provide the highest level of care in any emergency. It's the worst time to have to deal with something from a parent perspective, from a student perspective, from anyone - when something happens, you want someone to be there quickly to help you get through that crisis, no matter what it is - that's my goal. That's why we're prepared to handle situations like that."
Frank Mastrangelo, Director of Campus Safety and Security, Assistant Director of Athletics, CMAA, Head Athletic Trainer

Sports Medicine

Lawrence Academy’s athletic healthcare program encourages clear, direct communication among athletes, parents, coaches, and treating physicians, with the best interests of the student-athletes in mind. Learn more...