Afternoon Programs

Hobbies and talents play key roles in who we are. Lawrence Academy’s goal is to ignite in our students not just lifelong academic passions, but co-curricular ones, too.

Therefore, each week’s schedule includes space for afternoon activities: sports offerings and artistic endeavors that unite students with similar skills and goals. Students are required to join an athletic team or help create an artistic production — in both cases, to become part of a team working toward a common goal.


Lawrence Academy’s arts program is a welcoming, inclusive, and fertile environment that fosters curiosity and creativity. Students learn both the creative skills needed to express themselves and the technical skills needed to communicate their vision effectively, and they work with integrity, independence, and an open mind, developing an awareness of both themselves and the world around them.


Lawrence Academy's athletic program promotes healthy minds, bodies, and character, and provide opportunities for all student-athletes with varying skill levels to experience exercise, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and personal growth. Student-athletes can compete intensely in their favorite sports or branch out and try an entirely new one, and those who want to be part of a team but aren’t necessarily interested in playing can take on the role of team manager / scorekeeper.

Afternoon Program Offerings

Let's Go Spartans!

Lawrence Academy's athletic program is proud to have multiple tournament finishes and championships in recent years. Learn more about how you could be a part of one of our winning teams...

All Lawrence Academy students are required to participate in one afternoon activity each term: two terms of A credit activities and one term of a B credit activity during freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and one term of an A credit activity and two terms of B credit activity during senior year.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lawrence Academy's arts program offers a number of different opportunities for our students. Learn more about arts at LA...