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School Life

LA provides the challenges and support that encourages our students to take constructive risks and build self-confidence while contributing to the community in ways you may never have imagined.

Boarding and day. Artists and athletes. Local, national, and international hometowns. In these ways, and so many more, the Lawrence Academy community is a diverse one. Not only do our students come from a wide swath of geographic, ethnic, and community groups, but they also represent a diverse cross-section of talents, learning styles, and special interests.

Students walking to assembly through the Quad.
The LA community is also an open and safe one. By both their peers and by faculty and staff members, students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones, take constructive risks, and build their self-confidence within a support system that will applaud them when they succeed and guide and encourage them to try again when they misstep.
At Lawrence Academy, students are encouraged to develop in depth a special talent or skill, discover and use leadership abilities, and take advantage of the school’s cultural and social diversity, and are supported as they do so.

Meet the Team

Libby Margraf

Libby Margraf

Assistant Head for School Life
Raquel Majeski

Raquel Majeski

Assistant Head for Equity & Community Life
Andrew Healy

Andrew Healy

Dean of Students, Spanish
Kimberly Poulin

Kimberly Poulin

Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Community Engagement
O'Shea Bell

O'Shea Bell

Assistant Dean of Students
Tanya Clark

Tanya Clark

Administrative Assistant to Student Life

We're here to help!

We welcome and encourage you to reach out with any questions you might have about School Life at Lawrence Academy. Please feel free to contact Tanya Clark at 978-448-1518 or email us at

Questions about Student Life at LA

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Lawrence Academy's Student Life initiatives. We're here to help!


In all parts of school life, the voices of each and every person on campus are encouraged; as a whole, the community aims to acknowledge each individual’s unique qualities and perspectives, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, ability, religious affiliation, or political views.

Day Student Life

Lawrence Academy day students leave campus at night and over the weekends, but they are

encouraged to participate fully in the residential LA experience (until it’s time to go to bed, that is!). All weekend activities — shopping shuttles, group trips to local attractions, and on-campus events — for boarders are open to day students as well; during the school week, day students are welcome to stay on campus until curfew, for study hours and extracurricular events.

While they are on campus, LA day students have access to lockers in the student lounge, as well as various spots to study or relax and hang out with friends and classmates. They are welcome in the dining hall for every meal, and are encouraged to show family members and friends around campus in their free time.

Boarding Student Life

Lawrence Academy’s student body is evenly split between boarding and day students, so even

on weekends and after hours, the elm tree-shaded hillside is bustling. Boarders are encouraged to make campus, both their dorm room and the common areas, their home away from home.

While living on campus, LA students are able to venture off campus (with proper permission, of course) with classmates, family members, and friends, and guests are always welcome on campus as well. Weekend activities — shopping shuttles, group trips to local attractions, and on-campus events — abound, and laundry, mail, and religious services are available in addition to a dining hall that is open for all meals.

Day Student FAQ's

Boarding Student FAQ's

Students participating in the Grit 'N Wit weekend activitiy.

General School Life FAQ's