Spring Social 2017
Dear Parents,
The Lawrence Academy community comprises not only current students and alumni, and our faculty and staff, but also their loved ones. When a student matriculates at Lawrence Academy, their families do, too.

Whether your child is a boarding student or a day student, and whether you and your family live nearby or far from campus, we want you to get involved.

Parents of current students are automatically members of the Lawrence Academy Parents’ Association, which is led by an executive board; however, parents are also encouraged to sign up for one or more of the many volunteer opportunities available each year, both to meet other parents and stay in touch with what’s going on at LA.

Tonya Kalmes

PS: Feel free to email me at if you have questions.

Tonya Kalmes

Tonya Kalmes

Director of Parent Advancement

Upcoming Opportunities for Parents

February 23
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day

April 20
PA Meeting on Zoom
7 pm

May 6
Spring Social 

May 10
Grandparents Day

2022 – 2023

LA Parents Association

Executive Board

Parents Association Chair
Amy Kelly P '23, '26
Groton, Mass.
Parents Association Vice Chair
Jeana Colangelo P '25
Bedford, Mass.
Senior Class Reps
Elizabeth Masterson P '21, '23
Southborough, Mass. 
Heather Swartwood P '23, '23
Concord, Mass.
11th Grade Class Rep
Pete McLaughlin P '22, '24, '24
Peterborough, NH
10th Grade Class Rep
Leslie Lanagan P '25
Concord, Mass.
9th Grade Class Rep
Jen Pinney P '26
Harvard, Mass.
Parent Fund Chairs
Cyndi Abbott P '26
Sudbury, Mass. 
Elaine Ristaino P '23 
Concord, Mass.
9th Grade Parent Fund Chairs
Brit Dewey and Phil Tinmouth P '26
Belmont, Mass.
10th Grade Parent Fund Chair
Cyndi Abbott P '25
Sudbury, Mass. 
11th Grade Parent Fund Chair
Sacha Gregory P '21, '24
Concord, Mass.
Senior Parent Gift Co-Chairs
Becky Mongillo and Tom Moran P '22, '23
Harvard, Mass. 
Elaine and Michael Ristaino P '23 
Concord, Mass.
LAMP Chairs
Francine & Anthony Coston P ’20, ’24
Dunstable, Mass.
Taliah Williams P '24

Townsend, Mass. 

 Admissions Ambassadors
Amy Kelly P '23, '26
Groton, Mass.
Molly King P '24
Concord, Mass.
Carrie Walsh P '25
Lexington, Mass.
Jeana Colangelo P '25
Bedford, Mass.
Faculty/Staff Appreciation Chair
Becky Marken P '23, '25
Lexington, Mass.
Spring Social Chairs
Sarah Bast P ’23
Littleton, Mass.
Kristin Gaynor P '24
Bolton, Mass.
Visual and Performing Arts Chairs
Melissa Baern P '25
Littleton, Mass.
Kathleen McKenzie P '24, P '25
Groton, Mass.
Parent Holiday Party Chairs
Judy Schuster P '22, '23, '23
Groton, Mass.
Nichole Janowsky P '24
Westford, Mass.