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Khloe Hartner '17 on the Experience
Posted 04/13/2017 10:21AM

Groton, MA –
Even a vengeful Mother Nature couldn’t dampen spirits of newly-accepted students and their families as they traversed campus on Lawrence Academy Admissions’ first Revisit Day of 2017.

“Good morning parents, and welcome,” said Khloe Hartner ’17 to the happy crowd seated family-style, gathered in the Dining Hall after a morning of classes and discussions designed to pre-orient the prospective Spartans. “I am honored to have the opportunity to be able to speak in front of you today.

“I’m one of three kids in my family to go through LA,” she explained. “My older brother TJ came his freshman year and graduated in ’10, my older sister Kacey started as a sophomore and graduated in ’13, and I started as a repeat freshman and will be graduating this year.”

These days, Khloe Hartner is a familiar face to the LA community, having been in several theatre productions, becoming a member of the 2016 Winterim News Team, and now with a position in the student government.

However, Khloe admitted she wasn’t always so sure about her standing on campus.

Making Her Name at LA
“All of us Hartner children have similar, but very different, experiences regarding Lawrence Academy,” she said. “I was in third grade when I first started coming to campus for my brother’s games, and it was then that I first began making friends in the Lawrence Academy community.

“Before I even came for my first year here, I’d been known in campus as a Hartner…my brother was a hockey and lacrosse player and graduated with a lacrosse scholarship to a school in New Jersey, and my sister was interested in the arts. She was a theater kid.

“When I came here, I started literally carving a path in athletics on the girls’ hockey team, and after a couple years, I focused more on my greater love for theater and music,” she added, before recounting the things she, as a senior, will miss as she sought to provide perspective on LA, it’s programs, and, most importantly, its people.

“I will miss Lawrence Academy’s student-teacher connections, as well as one of my favorite parts of the school: The Advisor system,” she explained, stretching her arms as far as she could. “Advisors cover you this much! Your advisor is your rock.”

A Comfort Level on Campus
Many members of the campus community, speak to certain level of comfort, of being at home, when they are on “the Elm Tree-shaded hillside.”

Hartner, herself, spoke to that feeling.

“Regarding student life,” continued Hartner, “I feel a sense of involvement and longing to be around other students as much as I can. Even though I am a day student, I feel 100% comfortable being in the dorms and making friends with boarders.

“I have very good friends from all over the world including Vietnam, Japan, England, and more places that I now want to visit. Over this last spring break, I had a good friend from Vietnam stay at my house.

“People help each other here. People love each other here. When the tsunami in Japan hit, my sister brought home two Japanese friends since they couldn’t go home, and they stayed with us. We took them to Maine, learned Japanese culture, and my sister, along with the boys, helped start a fundraiser and sold ‘Lawrence Academy Cares’ shirts to raise money,” she said.

Khloe expanded this point.

“Students at LA have the opportunity to be friends with all types students – I myself most likely classify as a theater geek, and I am totally proud of that,” she said. “After freshman year, I really felt as though I knew everyone here, but it took me a couple years to really start putting myself out there […and] I began discovering myself in the process.

“Because Lawrence Academy is such an open and welcoming community, I have become friends with, yes, theater geeks, but also dancers, musicians, hockey players, squash players, lacrosse players, soccer players, and other people across the board.”

Many Opportunities for Growth
Inherent in that process, for Khloe and many other students, it the opportunity to try so many different things.

“I honestly don’t believe that I could have developed into the person that I am today if I did not have the support of the school,” he said. “I have tried things I never thought I would do here – performed in dance shows, even though I’d never done dance in my life, I sang a duet in front of the entire school at one of the morning assemblies, which I will also miss dearly, and I also have been chosen to participate in things like the Junior Poetry Recitation and the Senior Spoken Word Slam – alongside other peers who never thought they’d be up there speaking either.”

Finally, and speaking to her confidence in front of a crowd, Khloe confirmed what was very clear to everyone in the crowd – LA was an integral part of Hartner’s personal growth.

“I am proud of the young, confident, ambitious woman Lawrence Academy has helped me develop into and I firmly and wholeheartedly believe in LA’s mission statement: Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are and inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become,” she said. “And like the school motto says: Omnibus Lucet: The light shines for all.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that it truly does.”

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