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Away We Go...
Posted 03/07/2017 02:00PM

Groton, MA – Winterim 2017 is under way.

Winterim, the centerpiece of Lawrence Academy's commitment to immersive education, is “learning in the concrete and physical world of activity as a complement to learning in the vicarious and symbol-filled world of traditional classrooms.”

That said, it’s a whole lot of fun, too.

“The world is an incredible classroom,” said Director of Winterim, Tony Hawgood. “There are so many different things that make Winterim what it is.

“It’s getting kids to see adults being passionate about different things, both our teachers and the leaders they see," added the longtime science teacher. "It’s getting kids to meet kids they’ve never had a chance to meet before – even though they are Lawrence Academy students – and developing deep bonds with them.

“It’s about the students learning so many things about the world – out there!

“My favorite part is, almost literally, what’s happening right now,” said Head of School Dan Scheibe on Monday, Day 1 of this year’s Winterim program.

As he looked out his window in the Schoolhouse, and saw the bustle of students moving between buildings on their way to on-campus experiences and onto buses for trips and off-campus experiences, Mr. Sheibe said, “Everybody is kind of coming together but ready to go in about a 1000 different directions. And the idea behind that, and the wisdom of Winterim is to get outside the normal classroom setting,”

“You really get deep into your experience,” he added. “[You get] hyper-focused…right here, in small artful way, to do things that you’ve never done before.”

Faculty members were ready to help their students, challenged outside their comfort zones, get into that focused state.

“We’re trying to get them to see the underlying mechanics,” said Mr. Scott Smith, who is leading the Beyond Monopoly: Modern Board Game Design group. “So, when you sit down and have fun with a game, you know why you’re having fun and sort of [understanding] what’s at the heart of the puzzle.”

The students are enjoying putting those pieces together, too.

“I’m in Turn, Baby, Turn,” said Josh Newsome ’17. “Today we got a piece of wood and we’re using a lathe to carve it into a [cylindrical] object – I am going to make it into a hammer.

“I was thinking, “Oh yeah, I could do that,” said Josh of why he chose the woodworking Winterim. “I thought it would be fun – and then it was fun.

“So that is great!”

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