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Girls' Basketball Advances in NEPSAC Playoffs
Posted 03/01/2017 07:00PM

Groton, MA – When the dust settled, the final score was 60-52 in favor of Lawrence Academy.

However, LA girls’ varsity basketball Head Coach Donna Mastrangelo said she’d been a little worried since last Sunday afternoon; that’s when the NEPSAC playoff seedings were announced and LA drew fellow ISL squad, Groton School, in the first round.

“This was not, in my opinion, the greatest home-court advantage when they're in the same town,” said Ms. Mastrangelo with a knowing shake of the head and a chuckle. “I knew that many Zebras were going to be coming over here.”

As per usual, Coach was correct - it was a virtual stampede; half of the Stone Court stands were full of students, faculty, staff, family, and friends from LA’s crosstown rivals.

“As I told the kids that; I said, ‘You're going to see a large contingent and you better get ready.

“This is going to be a battle,” she admonished her club, adding, “not just on the court, but in terms of the two schools and the rivalry that we have in this town.”

Thankfully, the LA section was just as full and just as loud, and  perhaps owing to the raucous crowd at both ends of the court the Spartans got off to a very, very quick start.

“So, you know, we got a little excited in the beginning,” admitted Coach Mastrangelo. “I thought, okay, maybe...”

No dice. Even though the Spartans jumped out to an early 16-7 lead, Groton School pulled within one point, 28-27, going into halftime.

“Joe Crail is a great coach,” said Mastrangelo of the Groton girls' basketball bench boss. “I knew those guys were going to come right back into this, and they did.”

The Spartans and the Zebras fought for every ball, during every possession, in an entertaining back-and-forth game that was much closer than the final score would belie.

“They didn't let down at all,” explained a clearly relieved Coach Mastrangelo, post game. “They showed a lot of resilience to stay in the game, and then it just went back and forth, and finally we were able to pull away at the end.”

“That was some big stuff by the big kid over there, number-22,” she said, pointing to Delaware-bound senior Erin Antosh ’17. “A great way to finish on our home court; we'll take that.”

But the Spartans are looking for more and, after the other NEPSAC scores came over Twitter, LA was already thinking of their match up on Saturday.

“On to Berkshire,” said Ms. Mastrangelo. “Here we go!"

The Spartans advance to play #2 Berkshire on Saturday, March 4. Details to follow...

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