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Antosh Joins the 1000-point Club
Posted 02/23/2017 05:00PM

Groton, MA -- Needing just three points to achieve 1000 in her Lawrence Academy career, Spartans senior forward Erin Antosh had to remain calm through all of the Class of 2017 pregame festivities as she looked to join 2016 LA Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Kristi Laggis ‘95, as well as the Class of 2016’s Emily Pratt and Gabrielle Reuter, in elite 1000-point company.

In fact, all of the Spartans seemed a little nervous at the start of the NEPSAC-matchup between LA and Beaver Country Day as the visitors took an early lead.

"Yeah, you know, I always get nervous about Senior Night, and we lived it before with Worcester Academy a couple of years ago," said LA Head Coach Donna Mastrangelo. "I tried to warn our girls that we don't want to go down that path again, but we started to."

However, the LA butterflies soon left the Stone Athletic Center, and the ensuing wait wasn’t too much longer (than it took the pregame crowd to listen to a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem by Khloe Hartner ‘17) before Antosh bested the Beaver defense for the definitive points off two layups in the first half.

"We started out down," said Antosh. "We were excited for that to happen and not focused on the game itself.

"I don't want to say got it over with, but sort of, that stressful part -- and then we focused on the game.

"I'm glad we pulled it out and won."

Antosh was also glad that the play was memorable.

"Everyone wanted me to hit a three, because they wanted it to be exact or whatever," she said. "I didn't want it to be a boring layup, so I'm glad I got a steal and it was a good moment."

"Boring layup" or not, Erin's coach was just pleased for her senior.

"She's got all these accolades for the ISL, NEPSAC," said Ms. Mastrangelo. "All New England three times, and here she is now, the fourth woman to score 1,000 points, and all those things are tremendous."

With the milestone secured, Lawrence Academy came back to win 68-61.

"We have a a goal this year to, yes, make the tournament, but we want to be at home, and this could be the year to do it," said Coach Mastrangelo. "And that's what we're rooting for and trying to get to and pushing for, and I've gotta say, with Erin, that's first and foremost for her, too."

"I'm excited for our playoff run," said Antosh, echoing her coach. "I'm really happy that I was able to get this, get my thousandth point, but it's really about the team and what we can accomplish.

"It's great to remember a player," added Erin. "But [it's better] to remember a team and what they created it together."

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