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#LAWinterim is Almost Here!
Posted 03/05/2017 08:00AM

#WinterimNewsTeam 2016

Inspiration Through Communication

by Allie Goodrich '13

Groton, MA - Always a unique month at Lawrence Academy, March – and Winterim (the centerpiece of LA's commitment of immersive education) – is almost here.

Khloe Hartner '17Winterim, a two-week mini-term that takes place during this time of year, offers opportunities across the board in the arts, journalism, community service, travel, and more.

Both students and faculty participate, and for students like Khloe Hartner ’17, the Winterim experience has left a lasting impression.

“My favorite Winterim moment was probably when I went to Boston with a very small group of people,” she recounts of her involvement in Web Reporting and Social Media as a member of the 2016 Winterim News Team. “We ended up standing on the streets in the center of Boston, and we just watched people and we recorded things and we did a broadcast type of thing.”

“That kind of experience—where you’re working all day with a few people face to face and you’re talking and you’re watching and everything—it really brings people together,” she added. “At that point I realized that I was making new friends, and it was one of the best moments that I can ever remember from a Lawrence Academy Winterim experience.”

Her time as part of this Winterim inspired an interest in communications, and she notes that is has “given me a lot of people skills”, something that she feels represents a significant change for her.    

“I’ve always been generally afraid of trying new things, and so when the Winterim experience kind of came around, I was nervous the first time,” she says.

“But it ended up being something that completely changed me, in the sense that I’m now open to trying new things.

“I now embrace the experience of trying to meet new people and trying new things and doing things I wouldn’t have necessarily done before,” she said.

It is with this change in mind that she describes LA as “a place that offers opportunities that I have never been offered before that completely changed my life.”

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