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The Sky is the Limit for Mastrangelo
Posted 02/15/2017 11:00AM

AJ Mastrangelo '18's latest time-lapse video picked up by ABC News

Groton, MA –
“I had no clue about it until Ms. Heatley let me know this morning,” said a surprised A.J. Mastrangelo ’18 while sitting in Lawrence Academy’s Communications Office on the top floor of the Schoolhouse. “She said, ‘You’re on ABC News.’

“I had no clue.”

Perhaps, but it’s clear that the budding young videographer does have a clue about filming time-lapse videos, many of which grace LA’s social media accounts.

Mastrangelo’s timely time-capture, filmed in front of Peabody House (adjacent to the Spaulding-Stearns Fields), caught the attention of the news media; no doubt hungry for different views of our recent blizzard, “Orson.”

ABC News used the video, which appeared first on the official LA Facebook account, in their player, giving Mastrangelo – a bona fide weather aficionado – some outstanding exposure.

“I set it up with a really long extension cord and used the light from my bedroom, which I put in the shed – projected it out,” said the LA junior. “I had power going to the GoPro, and another Brinno time-lapse camera that I had. And it worked out.”

Frankly speaking, it more than worked out. But to be honest, it’s no surprise that AJ had his gear in the right place and at the right time to create a well-executed video capturing the changing weather in Groton, Mass.

“I’ve seen a lot of [time-lapse] videos on the news before, and I’ve actually done a few myself,” said Mastrangelo, whose parents Donna and Frank both live and work at LA. “I thought, this is a big storm and I have a new setup here, so I’m going to use it.

“It’s definitely cool that the school can use it; that it was at Lawrence Academy, as well.”

Asked what about the weather has Mastrangelo looking to the skies, AJ said, “Just the crazy weather we get up here in New England – all the different types.

“It’s the extremes; it could be 60-degrees one day, and 20-inches of snow the next day,” he added. “I’m fascinated by that.”

And that fascination might lead Mastrangelo down a career path, too.

“I want to, definitely, showcase my knowledge,” when asked about possibly presenting the weather on television. “That could be a possibility in the future!”

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