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Spartan Pride: Zach May '17
Posted 10/12/2016 03:00PM

Zach May '17 on the diamond.

by Allie Goodrich '13

Groton, MA -- As a student at Lawrence Academy, Zach May ‘17 acts as senior class president, performs in drama productions, and plays on the varsity baseball team.

“I like to take advantage of all the opportunities the school has,” he explains of LA's emphasis on the “student” in student-athlete. “The way the school sets them up so that I can do them all is [something] I’m really thankful for.”

“I’ve been able to do so many things, [like] baseball, theater, and hockey; it’s been a great experience to try all those, and the school has been really supportive of it.”

This sense of support is something Zach attributes directly to the mentors he’s had throughout his years at LA.

“I love LA because of the guidance system, how the faculty and coaches support us in whatever we want to do,” he says. “[Varsity Hockey] Coach [Robbie] Barker was really supportive...he knew I wanted to make a change to theater.

“[Varsity Baseball Head Coach Chris] Margraf has been really great in the college process as well.”

With the encouragement and assistance of his coaches and teachers, Zach has been able to broaden and pursue his interests on the stage, in the classroom, and the athletic field. And when it comes to recognizing how many people have contributed to and made his LA experience possible -- from the Building and Grounds staff to the faculty, including Director of Theatre Joel Sugerman -- the scope of his gratitude is equally wide.

“It makes me feel like the school actually cares about us, and that they want us to succeed,” he says, noting the number of people who work hard on behalf of the students at LA. “We want to try even more for the school knowing that everyone has been supportive, everyone wants us out there and they want the best for us.

“When I put on the jersey it’s about being a team player and thinking of those that came before you, giving your teammates everything you have every time you go out onto the field, and just trying to win for the school,” he said.

Zach May '17 on the stage.

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