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Congratulations Class of 2016!
Posted 06/03/2016 07:00AM

Moving Through to Move On

by Allie Goodrich ‘13

Groton, MA – The rain held off on Friday, June 3, as the Class of 2016 emerged from the doors of Schoolhouse and walked the final steps to becoming Lawrence Academy graduates.    

“As we face this occasion we do so with clarity and conviction about the singular importance of each graduate of the Class of 2016. This day is for you,” said Headmaster Dan Scheibe in his opening remarks.

“I hope you have learned here at Lawrence Academy that solidarity is possible; that the transformed world can be a truly beautiful place for you and for others; that every action is an act of creation. Class of 2016, you are necessary; do not throw away your shot.”

Jackie MacMullan, an accomplished sportswriter for and this year’s guest speaker, discussed how difficult it was for her to take that shot.

“I had tons of hopes and dreams,” she explained, “but I was afraid to do any of them.”

“I wanted to be a professional journalist, and I told everybody who listened that that’s what I was going to do, except for one of my older, wiser teammates finally said one day, ‘You know, you talk an awful lot about that, but you really don’t do anything about it.’

"And she was right, because once again, I was afraid,” said MacMullan.

MacMullan also described her reluctance to join the school newspaper, but with the support of her professor she eventually made it through the door.

“He told me he had the same problem when he was my age. He said come on, we’ll walk down to the school paper together. And then we got to the door and he said, I’m out, now get in there.”

“So you’re about to take the next step, all of you: to college, to work, and it’s scary. And you’re probably afraid, and I get it. But if I could tell you one thing, it’s this: don’t be the kid peeking in the door: be the kid that walks through the door.”

“If you’re too afraid to find out, you’ll never know,” she said.

Overcoming fear was a consistent theme of the day's speakers.

 “I walked into a room full of bustling teenagers that were clearly all friends, except for one boy,” recounted senior Shae McDonald of her first audition for her first high school play.

“[He]clearly had no idea what was going on, and I very much pretended that I did know what was going on, but I want him to know that even though three years ago I never would have admitted this, I was just as scared as him that day.”

Like Shae, senior speaker Ben Gainsborough also spoke to the themes of finding a sense of belonging and commonality, and the importance of valuing the different ways in which we meet our challenges.

“The way we saddle up and take on challenges will not, and should not, and should never be, universally recognized as right,” he said.

“It’s a feeling you’ll have in your gut. Some choose to surround themselves with as many people as possible; others take it with a partner; some of the true rebels try to take it alone. What we can’t do is say how someone goes about it is the wrong way.”

“I would like to truly say, from the bottom of my heart, that Lawrence Academy is a really special place filled with extremely special people,” Gainsborough finished.

“If you truly enjoy someone’s company and want to show them that you care, make a physical or emotional connection with them.

"It could be a hug, a fist bump, a handshake, sure, but it could also be something as simple as saying, ‘I enjoyed our time together’.”

Lawrence Academy: Class of 2016

Click for PDFWilliam Frederick Adie II, Tyngsboro, MA
Marissa Anderson, East Falmouth, MA
Dariya Apsenbetova Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN
Paige Godfrey Beede, Concord, MA 
Alden Barrett Bishop, Chittenden, VT
Elise KelleyBojanowski, Westford, MA
Abigail Megan Bostick, Groton, MA
Amalie Sawyer Brandvold, Bolton, MA 
Alexander Maximilian Reiling Breiter, Lincoln, MA
Evan M. Bromander, Andover, MA
Jake Anthony Cassidy, Lynn, MA 
Erica Mary Christiansen, Groton, MA 
Emma Kathleen Collins, Groton, MA
Brittany Lynn Colton, Groton, MA 
Maya Jane Cratsley, Leominster, MA 
Margaret S. Davey, Groton, MA 
Michaela Lindsey Dempsey, Groton, MA 
Catherine Hanson DiCara, Boston, MA 
Alexis Dinkel, Groton, MA
Alexander Michael DiPietro, Reading, MA
Caroline Cella Donovan, Winchester, MA 
Hannah Grace Donovan, Groton, MA 
Taylor Lauren Drago, Plymouth, MA 
Emily Marta Duffy Denzer, Concord, MA 
James Clancy Duffy, Stow, MA 
Dylan Escoll, Winchester, MA
Qiuchi Fan, CHINA
James Christopher Finneral, Westford, MA
Edward Anthony Fish III, South Boston, MA
Brian Patrick Flanagan, Topsfield, MA
Kyla Alexxii Floresca, West Memphis, AR
William Talman Fortune, Gloucester, MA
Timothy Evan Foster, Boxborough, MA
Andrew Louis Fyffe, Pelham, NH
Benjamin Andrew Gainsboro, Concord, MA
Joshua Drew Garber, Bedford, MA
Ian Harris Gelerman, North Andover, MA
Hannah Lynn Ghelfi, East Falmouth, MA
Coby Martin Goodrich, Groton, MA
Emma Shaye Grant, Harvard, MA
Thomas Phillip Gross, Concord, MA
Andrew Paul Haan, Acton, MA
Sophia Grace Hager, Groton, MA
Jonathan Kemp Harlan, Groton, MA
Emma Lucia Horn, Andover, MA
Carter Philip Hussey, Concord, MA
Kayla Hussey, Bedford, MA
Demitri Jackson, Nashua, NH
Streett Jacobs, Belmont, MA
Anna Paley Jewell, Carlisle, MA
Margaret Clemence Kelly, Concord, MA
Derek Kevin Kolodziejski, Belmont, MA
JiMin Kong Jungja-dong, SOUTH KOREA
Hailu Lai Fuxingnanyuan, CHINA
Philippe Shultis Lessard, Westford, MA
Brittany Rose Levasseur, Pepperell, MA
Jiasheng Li ShuiXieHuaDu, CHINA
Sihan Li Xicheng, CHINA
Jenny Lin, Dracut, MA   
Katherine Johnson Lotane, Concord, MA
Shae J. McDonald, Marlborough, MA
Melissa Rose Menard, Groton, MA
Ana Carolina Mendoza, VENEZUELA
Emily Mary Messer, Mason, NH
Jordan D. Monbouquette, Newton, MA
David Edward Murphy, Groton, MA
Sara B. Murphy, Natick, MA
Luke Joseph Maguire Newman, Concord, MA
Jessica Swanson Niemann, Acton, MA
Riley Keenan Noel, Bolton, MA
Taryn Marie O'Neil, Manchester, NH
Liam M. O'Sullivan, North Hampton, NH
Madison Mary Olsen, Groton, MA
Lucy Eleanor Opalka, Harvard, MA
Jeffrey Robert Page, Andover, MA
Lyndsey Margaret Parry, Acton, MA
Renee A. Perkins, Nantucket, MA
Aiden Thor Perry, Brookline, MA
Emily Elizabeth Pisacreta, Andover, MA
Wiriyanat Ployaram, Washington, DC
Emily F. Pratt, Gardner, MA
Benjamin David Purtell, Andover, MA
Jake Rainer, Encino, CA
Katelyn Patricia Reichheld, Carlisle, MA
Gabrielle Noel Reuter, Marion, MA
Douglas Paul Rodier, Manchester, MA
Kaitlyn Mae Rooney, Shirley, MA
Gabriela Rueda Munoz, Davids, PA
Mark E. Russell Jr., Westford, MA
Nicole Danielle Saber, Chelmsford, MA
Nattanan Sajjaboontawee, THAILAND
Aidan Burke Schlotman, Peterborough, NH
Brendan John Seifert, Concord, MA
Naomi Leigh Sierra, Groton, MA
Ramatoulie Sisay, BOTSWANA
Nicholas Michael Stone, Concord, MA
Kate Ema Surette, Shrewsbury, MA
Tatianna T. Suriel, Ithaca, NY
Jack B. Templeton, Groton, MA
An Thi Hong Tran, VIETNAM
Julian Harold Travis, Bolton, MA
Eric Drey Viera, Groton, MA
Alex Walter, Londonderry, NH
Catherine G. Wildman, Bolton, MA
Asia J. Winslow, Belleville, NJ
Hsin-Hung Wu, TAIWAN
Yuxuan Wu, CHINA
Gavriel R. Zahavi, Westford, MA
Juchen Zhang, CHINA

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