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Having a Field Day
Posted 06/02/2016 12:00PM

by Allie Goodrich ‘13

Groton, MA – Water balloons? Check.

Volleyball? Check.

Dunk tank? Check.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Elm Tree lawn played host to LA Field Day, where students from all classes could take part in Tug O’ War, a water balloon toss, soccer tennis, try their luck at the dunk tank, or simply lounge in the grass to take in the festive scenes and sun.   

“I’m so happy; more people showed up than I thought would,” said Paige Beede ’16, who, along with Ms. Margraf and Headmaster Scheibe, helped organize the event. 

“Mr. Scheibe and Ms. Margraf really wanted to include the whole school. We had an idea of maybe doing an all-school Capture the Flag game, but that didn’t really seem like it would work. We do field day at the camp that I work at,” she said as she explained where she got the idea.

“I didn’t want everything to happen all at once,” she added.  “I like the whole cheering part of it.”

It was a great occasion for students and faculty to spend a beautiful afternoon together as they head into Graduation and exams.  

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