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Revamped Summer Camps at LA
Posted 06/02/2016 12:00PM

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by Allie Goodrich ‘13

Groton, MA –Want to see if you can scale the resurrected rock wall in the Stone Athletic Center? Or maybe try your hand at archery, photography, yoga, or martial arts? Or are skydiving and zip-lining more your style? This year, Summer at LAinvites kids ages three to seventeen to take part in these activities and much more.

“This year we revamped and recreated our entire LA Day Program,” says Kate Vizen, Director of Summer Programs. “It used to be a one week camp [where] we would say to the kids what they had to do every, so it was like everyone’s going to tennis, everyone’s going swimming, everyone’s going to art; now it’s choose your own adventure, so there’s different activities [the kids] get to pick throughout the day. It’s a two week-long program, and each two-week session is themed, and the kids are picking what they want to do.

“Depending on [their] age bracket, they’re getting anywhere between four and six activities every single day.”

Due to the popularity of the Outdoor Adventure Series, Mrs. Vizen says, a new Trip Camp series has been created.

“We have four different camps over six weeks [of different trip camps], and every single day they go off campus.  It’s an adventure camp series, so it’s high adventure, nature adventure, water adventure, and outdoor adventure,” says Mrs. Vizen enthusiastically. “Nature adventure [will] let the younger campers get a taste of going off campus everyday, so they’ll go to Davis Farmland, The Butterfly Place, and go fruit and fresh flower picking.”

Along with the new Trip Camp series, campers will also be able to take part in the sports camps and a new community service camp.

The program will run from June 27th until August 19th. With so many new opportunities available, LA Summer Camps promises to provide some fun and adventure for anyone looking to spice up their summer.   

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