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Finding Resonance in Writing
Posted 06/02/2016 10:00AM


by Allie Goodrich ‘13

Groton, MA –The prospect of graduation often carries with it the desire for reflection and that is exactly what students in Mrs. Moore’s Honors Writing class have been engaged in as they wrap up presentations on the creative projects they’ve worked on throughout the term.

On Tuesday morning, May 31, seniors Margaret Davey, Ben Purtell, and Naomi Sierra each presented on their cookbook memoir, adventure book, and spoken word respectively, and discussed what they’ve learned from this independent, creative process.

“[The students] spend the first two terms really working on understanding their own creative process and knowing their habits of mind, how they do their work best in terms of organizing their time and places for doing the work, and what inspires them and motivates them to do it,” said Mrs. Moore.

“One of the things I drive home constantly to my classes is how important it is to really focus in on the things that matter to you, because then you’re going to care about the work a lot more; you’re going to do your best work, and it’s just going to be fun.”

Resonance was something the students strove for as they approached their work, becoming something akin to a guide in the process.

“I think throughout the year I’d been having trouble finding this resonance piece that we’ve been talking about, but this [project] is really the first thing I feel resonated for me,” said Margaret Davey as she described her cookbook, in which she combined recipes and short memoir passages she collected by interviewing some of her favorite members of the faculty.

“It helped me connect myself with my teachers that I’ve had in the past and also just helped me close up my senior year," she explained. “I found it really fun, and time management wasn’t really an issue because I liked what I was doing so much.”

“That’s what I want them to take away,” added Mrs. Moore, “This notion of what resonance can actually do and how it can help you in life, or that how you can manage your time will help you function better, or maybe it’s just as simple as this creative process just helps you be a more calm, accepting person; you heard that from Naomi and you heard that a little bit from Ben.”

“It’s not really so much about what the kids produce, although that’s important,” said Mrs. Moore. “What’s really important is what they’ve learned along the way by going through the process, and the lifelong lessons they take away with them that are going to affect how they think in college and then how they think in life.”

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