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NGP Museum Had it All
Posted 06/01/2016 01:00PM

Loving these ninth grade projects from Tuesday night's NGP Museum. #GrotonMA

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by Allie Goodrich ‘13

Groton, MA – From aromatherapy to special effects in movies, Tuesday night’s NGP Museum had it all. Each ninth grade student was tasked with focusing on a topic of their choice through a creative, artistic, and scientific lens while also honing their studying and organization skills. 

“I really enjoyed [the project]; there were some rounds that I liked more than others,” said Grace Webster ’19, who researched forensic analysis. “I really liked the English round where I got to write a short story.”

“I’ve definitely learned that if I like what I’m doing I will put more effort into it.”

Emily Leung ’19 was glad she chose her topic on bioluminescence “because there was a lot I could do with it.  You’re not stuck on [bioluminescence itself], you could go into the oceans and impact; there’s a lot you can do.”

Along with painting a series of pictures illustrating effects of light in water, Leung also enjoyed the scientific aspects of her project. 

“I really liked the science round,” she said. “I liked what I was doing, so I enjoyed it.”

Other projects included a study of the psychological effectiveness of confinement, comedic duos, heart surgery, and surfing.

With such a diverse range of projects on display, the event provided the LA community with a chance to browse through a collection of information they may not have encountered anywhere else.

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