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Marine Science a Tidal Force on Campus
Posted 05/25/2016 10:00AM


#marinescience poster session in MacNeil Lounge! — Lawrence Academy (@lawrenceacademy) May 24, 2016

by Allie Goodrich ‘13

Groton, MA  The fruits of hard labor were on display in MacNeil Lounge last night. Mr. Steve Engstrom’s Marine Science class held a poster session where all were invited to view their final projects in a culmination of term-long work and research.  

“It was a really good experience for the kids to be able to have an authentic and scientific process and all that,” said Mr. Engstrom. “I invited some other scientists and other science teachers from other places to help evaluate and ask them what did they learn, what does it mean, why is it important, all those types of things.”

“In our spring project I enjoyed working in the field and gathering hard data,” commented Coby Goodrich ’16, whose project focused on why mycbaterium marinum has become a chronic disease in striped bass. “Although some long road trips were required, exploring marshes in the rain and tracking bass through a couple of states was very fun.

"I got to do a lot of hands on learning, which you do not get in [every class, so] I felt like I was truly accomplishing something.”

Josh Garber ’16, whose focused on the dissolution of sea urchins in low pH sea water for his project, also enjoyed the project’s independence and personal responsibility.

“Being able to conduct your own experiment was really fun for me,” he said earnestly. “I learned a lot in terms of what to do if something goes wrong, because what I had at the beginning completely changed towards the end, so it was cool to see the whole experiment process."

On Tuesday, May 24, students from Mr. Engstrom's #marine #science class presented during their poster session in MacNeil Lounge. #GrotonMA

Posted by Lawrence Academy on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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