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LA Announces 2016 Alumni Greater Good Award
Posted 04/21/2016 03:00PM

Kevin White ’96 honored

Kevin WhiteGroton, MA –
Each spring on Cum Laude Day, Lawrence Academy’s Greater Good Award is given to an alumnus who has used his or her education to benefit others.

The award honors those who, in their actions, have demonstrated an understanding of their responsibility to use their education for the greater good of humanity.

On Wednesday, April 27, Lawrence Academy honored Kevin White ’96 with the 2016 Greater Good Award.

Kevin, who recently passed away at the age of 37, ran the 2014 and 2015 Boston Marathons after being injured in the bombings in 2013.

An alumnus of Fenn School, Villanova University, and Vanderbilt University, and a financial analyst by trade, Kevin endeavored to “provide inspiration and encouragement to others impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings.”

Running with the Marathon Coalition, and in deference to its support of his family (Kevin was knocked unconscious and suffered shrapnel wounds, his father, Bill, lost his lower right leg in the blast, and his mother, Mary Jo, suffered a broken arm and foot), White ran for the Greg Hill Foundation, which supported his family after their injuries.

In two years Kevin raised more than $30,000, and was training to run Boston again this year.

“To me, it was awe-inspiring that, a year after what had happened, he not only committed to doing the fundraising and running the marathon, but he had the courage to go back and finish the race on Boylston Street,” said Greg Hill to Runner’s World. “I think he felt the foundation had helped his family. He chose to do something about that, whether it was because of a debt of gratitude he had toward people who had donated or a desire to make sure others going forward would have that same opportunity.”

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