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Admissions Office

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Meet the Team

We're eager to welcome you to campus!

Admissions Main Phone: (978)-448-1530
Admissions Email:

Phil Blood, Director of Admissions     Phil Blood
     Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
     (978) 448-1527
Rob Olsen, Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Director of International Student Recruitment     Robert Olsen
     Senior Associate Director of Admissions and   Director of International Student Recruitment           
     (978) 448-1528
Valerie Templeton, Assitant Director of Admissions     Valerie Templeton
     Associate Director of Admissions
     (978) 448-1521   
Sara Gillis, Director of Enrollment Management     Sara Gillis
     Director of Enrollment Management
     (978) 448-1529
Jamie Gilbert, Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Multicultural Recruitment     Jaime Schulze
     Associate Director of Admissions and Director       of Multicultural Recruitment
     (978) 448-1584
Jason Swepson     Jason Swepson
     Admissions Associate 
     (978) 448-1534
 Rhonda Collins     Rhonda Collins
     Senior Administrative Assistant
     (978) 448-1526
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