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2018-19 Theatre Season

Spring 2019


Part 1: Thursday, May 9 at 7:00, Saturday, May 11 at 5
Part 2: Friday, May 10 at 7:30, Saturday, May 11 at 7:30

Wanda’s Visit, part 1 directed by Liv Bazos
Wanda – Megan Beran
Marsha – Claire Lanzendorf
Jim – Jake Purtell

Wanda’s Visit, part 2, directed by Denby Fortune
Wanda – L Brock
Marsha – Shaniece Nugent
Jim – Charlie Groome
Waiter – Ethan Bastien 

One in Nine Million, written & directed by Shriya Balaji
Avery – Anya Brown
Sammy – Amaya Benzaquin-Magill
Quinn – Justin Chen
Taylor – Jess Fatzinger

Words, Words, Words, directed by Mark Bedetti
Swift – Julia Stern
Milton – Aidan Berger
Kafka – LuLu Feeney

Facing Nature with Scott Rogers, directed by Jack Duggan
Scott – Kevin Weaver         Davis – Matty Berg
Athlete – Sebastian Sepulveda        Girl – Bridget Walter
Camera – Rahul Uhlman

Last First Kiss, directed by Brennan McCormick
Peter – Mickey Feeney
Gabby – Jenny Dick 

Lifeboat is Sinking, directed by Mike Templeton
Sherwin – Ari Poras
June – Julia Schmidt

A Meal to Seal the Deal, written directed by Nicole Winthrop
Trish – Shelby Guinard
Will – Sam Sacknowitz
Sasha – Claire Ianinni
George – Ester Berrocal de Castro
Dan – Omar Abuhamdeh
Jerry – James Choi 

Strings, written directed by Leah Davis
Parent: Hal Groome        Kid – Mimi Zahavi
Puppeteers – Victoria Lucontoni, Nadine Abuhamdeh

Immoral Dilemma, written & directed by Viraz Mahanti
Don – Emmanuel Famose         Brick – Henry Trainor
Snake – Sabrina Ladiwala       Huey – Ethan Paek 

Sure Thing, directed by Katelynn Banville
Bills – Nick de Valpine, Arhant Ghanta, Eric Lu
Bettys – Abby Kelley, Liv Drugotch, Lalu Saldanha

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