Clubs & Activities

Every good school should offer a menu of extracurricular activities, and some will surely be longer than others. At Lawrence Academy, we have trouble keeping our menu up to date because students are always inventing ways to support a common cause or pursue a common interest.

We also accept that not every group of students—especially those who seize a moment to be creative—will feel the need to evolve into an organization.

Each fall there is a club fair to introduce students to the many opportunities available. Whatever extracurricular(s) you choose as a student at LA, our hope for you will be the same: that you experience what it is like to become an active participant in the life of our school and build relationships with fellow students and members of the faculty and staff.


Sample List of Extracurricular Activities: 

• Admissions Tour Guides
• A Taste of Groton
• Asian Culture Club
• A/V Club
• Business Club
• Coding Club
• Community Service
• Community Service Advisory Board
• Current Events Club
• Debate Club
• Dormitory Proctor
• Environmental Sustainability Council
• Girl Up
• Grilling Club
• GSA: Gender, Sexuality, Alliance
• Instrumental Lessons
• Judiciary Council
• Lawrencian Choral
• Makers Club
• Moral Courage Task Force
• Overbooked
• PawSitive Vibes
• Peer Counselors
• Peer Tutors
• Sock Club
• Spartan Science
• Spoken Word Poetry Club
• Spectrum (school newspaper)
• Student-Faculty Senate
• Student Government
• Student Government Committees (Community Life, Food, Special Events, AAA-Academics, Arts & Athletics)
• TedX
• The Consortium: Literary Magazine
• The Cultural Coffeehouse Series
• Theater Productions (Winter & Spring)
• Umoja
• Yearbook Staff

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