Dancing at the Fringe Festival

LA Dancers at 2018 Fringe Festival

In the summer of 2009, Lawrence Academy dancers performed for the third time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of the American High School Theatre Festival. The Fringe Festival is a world-renowned international theatre festival, and the American High School Theatre Festival is an organization that oversees a nomination, selection and production process whereby American high schools are offered an opportunity to send their best performers to perform at and experience "the Fringe."

Thirteen dancers presented Cavedwellers, a modern dance exploring the primitive and darkness. It was made up entirely of original material, choreographed by Dance Director Brian Feigenbaum and the dancers, and included some of the company's best material of the past three years. Lawrence Academy was one of 43 schools invited to perform in 2009 from a pool of nearly 2,000 applicants.

In 2003, under Brian Feigenbaum's direction, Lawrence Academy Dance performed Town, choreographed by Feigenbaum in collaboration with the dancers. Writing for The Christian Science Monitor, Christopher Andraea had this to say about their performance: "The dancing was fluent, accomplished, dynamic, and instilled with a touching sophistication that might be expected of much more mature dancers. There were moments of riveting dramatic tension and passages of surprising tenderness."

In 2006, the company presented Upon Close Inspection, another work of collaboration between Feigenbaum and his student dancers. "This was a brilliant exhibition of non-stop modern dance," wrote Derek Hemming for edfringe.com. "The discipline, the continuous movement, the variety of positions-both individual and combined-defy description. Don't miss it!" On broadwaybaby.com appeared this revivew: "Unlike some contemporary dance performances, the dancing is graceful and fluid and a pleasure to watch. The audience is captivated from the first movement.... This is an excellent production, which anyone who appreciates modern dance would enjoy."

LA's dancers worked hard throughout the spring and summer in preparing for this event, supported by a benefit concert in June, which included a performance by the award-winning, Boston-based modern dance company Prometheus Dance. There was also the dance company's going-away performance in August, when they showcased what they performed at the Fringe!

Brian and his dancers have since been invited back to the Fridge Festival two more times. Click here for the 2018 Fringe Festival Photo Gallery.

LA Dancers 2018 Fringe Festival


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