Science at Lawrence Academy

Kendra Mac '15 in science class.
The Science Department offers students courses and activities designed to allow them to interact with science as a discipline, experience empirical inquiry as a method of investigation and a way of knowing, and become informed about the ways in which science affects their lives. Emphasis is placed on the process of science so that the student can discover and interpret scientific knowledge, develop positive attitudes and interests related to science and scientists, and recognize that these behaviors can be applied in making decisions in an age influenced by science and technology. Our goal, in addition to the acquisition of information, is for students to become scientifically literate. They should learn to ask questions like “What is the evidence?” “How do we know?” and “How do we find out?”

As a result, you will find that we stress understanding over memorization and depth over breadth. Because we are driven, like our most successful students, by our passionate interest in science, we offer a range of courses in which our students are able to explore many areas of science.


All science courses include a lab-based component. The honors sequence meets the needs of the strong science student.

“The science department at LA has really helped me to develop strong analytical skills. I have learned how to research topics and how to ask meaningful questions in order to further my understanding." Roisin Casey ’20

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