Math on the Quad.

The Lawrence Academy mathematics department continuously develops its curriculum and pedagogy to ensure that each student has an integrated, student-centered and technology-rich experience.  Students study mathematical theory with practical application while learning to think critically and find reasonable solutions through careful analysis, and they work collaboratively and independently to enhance their reasoning and gain confidence as persistent problem solvers. LA’s math teachers strive to strike a balance between theory and application; therefore, while memorization plays an important role, we believe that thinking mathematically means discovering concepts and drawing conclusions by discussing problem-solving strategies, experimenting with different approaches and recognizing patterns. Teachers do write on the board, ask questions and assign homework, but students must wrestle with problems by working through possible solutions, asking questions and articulating their own understanding of how they think mathematically. Ultimately, the Lawrence Academy mathematics program seeks to cultivate students’ innate love of learning, sense of numeracy and ability to use mathematics in meaningful ways.

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