Math at Lawrence Academy

Math on the Quad.

Lawrence Academy’s mathematics department aims to give each student an integrated, personalized, and technology-rich experience. Students will find comfort with numbers and mathematical ideas – and perhaps even an excitement for and love of the subject!

All Lawrence Academy students must take Math 1 and Math 2, learning algebra and geometry, and Math 3, studying functions and applications; calculus, statistics, financial math, and other niche courses are also available to upperclassmen. LA’s math classrooms use the principle of “flip mastery”: Students are working at their own, controlled pace, leveling up only after acing a mastery check, meaning that one class will contain students at different, though close, levels.


Students in Lawrence Academy’s math classes will need to memorize important math principles and theories, but thinking mathematically also means understanding how to apply that knowledge. Both independently and collaboratively, they’ll discuss problem-solving strategies, experiment with different approaches, and learn to recognize patterns; they’ll learn to think critically, enhance their reasoning skills, and gain confidence with the subject through
careful analysis.

Math on the terrace.

“I have never felt confident in math, but at Lawrence Academy, I was quickly shown that there is nothing to be scared of. Every teacher wants you to succeed, and they will sit with you day and night until you feel comfortable with the material. I love how I can go to my teacher with a question and they will do everything to make sure I leave understanding the material.” Megan Beran ’20

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