History at Lawrence Academy

History teacher John Curran dressed as Castro for his Cuban Missile Crisis lesson.

Lawrence Academy students are encouraged to do the intellectual work of historians and unlock knowledge of global events through investigation. By determining the meaning of an important idea or question for themselves, they are preparing to be active, engaged citizens in this global society; how they interpret that idea or answer that question will help them understand both the past and something about the human condition.

The Lawrence Academy history department believes in bringing the material alive, rather than just giving students a fact to memorize. Teachers put an emphasis on active learning, inquiry, and simulation, and focus on depth of knowledge over breadth. After all, history is not a spectator sport.

“In Lawrence Academy’s history courses, there’s a lot of space for open-ended discussion. That’s what you need if you want to cultivate a passion for academics: being able to connect what you’re learning to the real world through a discussion. It deepened my passion for history and learning in general.” Mickey Feeney '19

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