At Lawrence Academy, we use technology as a tool to further the academic and community goals of the school. Used correctly, these tools enhance logical thinking skills, encourage group work, enhance collaborative work skills, help develop problem-solving skills, enable students to simulate real-world problems, and enhance communication between the members of our community and beyond.

We have been careful and deliberate in the integration of technology into the classroom and into the daily life of the school. This "go slow" approach has helped us maximize the benefits of using technology in and out of the classroom. We have spent over 20 years thoughtfully integrating technology into the curriculum. During the past 18 years we have implemented a sophisticated Windows 2003/2008 network throughout the campus, including all dormitory rooms, and we have continued to further the integration of technology into the curriculum by way of the Internet, email, and the use of new educational software and cloud-based software.

What We Have

Lawrence Academy has an HP ProCurve network backbone running Windows Server 2003/08 network throughout the campus, including all dormitory rooms. We use the latest in computers, laptops, and computer software, Smart boards, document cameras, DVD players, scanners, printers, and projectors. There is also a Sony language lab, a photography lab and our latest endeavor, a video-conferencing center.

We have a sophisticated wireless network which has allowed us to implement a bring-your-own-device policy for all students.  The wireless network can easily handle students with multiple  devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We have given all students Office 365 accounts which not only gives them the ability to download Microsoft Office for free but allows students access to MS OneDrive. MS OneDrive allows students almost unlimited storage in the cloud for all of their academic work.   

We use a course management system called Moodle. Essentially, this software creates a virtual learning environment that allows faculty members to easily create their own course web page where assignments, syllabi, etc., can be posted and which also serves as a place where students can collaborate online. 

Our library has a multitude of online resources that allow students to learn how to do the kind of sophisticated research that is so essential for modern students.

What We Do

With the advent of cloud-based technology, we are in our next phase of integrating technology into the curriculum. These cloud-based tools are used to facilitate the kind of real world collaboration that students will find essential as they move into college and life after school. That is why we have given students Office 365 and Moodle accounts and why we have LCD projectors in every classroom.  The LCD projectors are connected to the teacher's laptop and to a Smart Board which is located in every classroom. This gives each teacher and student access to the internet and the myriad of web-based tools that exist in the cloud.

We also have a state-of-the-art language lab which gives language students access to the same kind of experiences that can be found in a college classroom and we have a photography lab  with 15 Macintosh computers and a dark room which gives students an introduction and advanced techniques in photography.

Recently we built a sophisticated Video Conference Center where students and faculty can collaborate with people and other classes around the world. We are very excited about this latest endeavor which we hope will  enhance our already exciting academic curriculum by expanding the horizons of our students.

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