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Boys' Soccer Advances to NE Semifinal
Posted 11/12/2014 11:29PM
Aiden Perry '16
Click the pic to see Aiden Perry '16 channel Superman.

Groton, MA - Down 1-0 at the half, and with their season in the balance, Lawrence Academy's two-time ISL champion boys' varsity soccer team didn't panic.

"I was really proud of the way the guys came out in the second half," said Head Coach Colin Igoe, whose squad defeated Cushing 5-1 on Wednesday. "They showed a lot of confidence in what we do.

"It's easy in a tournament situation -- especially in an elimination game -- to panic and get away from the habits that got us to this point and they didn't do that at all.

"And we were fortunate because Cushing is a very good team."

Unfortunately for Cushing, LA is also a really good team, capable of quickly putting crooked numbers on the Shumway Field scoreboard.

"Once we got two, they had to stretch the game a bit and our boys took advantage of it," said Mr. Igoe, whose team will take on Noble and Greenough in the NEPSAC semifinal on Saturday, November 15, ad 12:30 p.m. "I thought that we played well in the first half, but it's the tournament and sometimes you play well and it's just not enough and it wasn't enough in the first half.

"We've got great leaders and we've got guys with a lot of belief in themselves and in the team and what they can do together.

"They played really, really well and they had an explosive second half."

And, beyond Saturday's opportunity, the reward will come on the same field Thursday afternoon.

"As the guys just said, the best part is it's a really tight group of guys and we get to practice together tomorrow."


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