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At the Movies With Mr. Curran
Posted 04/19/2017 08:00AM

By Junior Saldanha '18


.Groton, MA – In any learning environment, introducing a new way of teaching is always helpful and exciting.


John Curran’s “A Night at the Movies” – a one night only show happening at the Media Conference Center on April 24 – is just another way that the veteran LA teacher is helping students by introducing a new way to present materials.


“I’m going to talk about and show people some clips from some important, and fun, Cold War-era films,” said Mr. Curran when asked what to expect from the unique event. “Then, I’m going to try and relate those films to major issues and controversies about the Cold War [specifically].


“Finally, we’ll also relate those things we talked about…to present-day issues, such as [the United States’] relationship with Russia.” 


Mr. Curran further explained that, for now, the film presentation “is a one-time deal.


“This is a special lecture I’m going to do as part of earning the Department Chair’s Award [for Excellence in Teaching],” he said. “Part of winning that is giving a public lecture.” 


Asked if he felt any excitement about the event Mr. Curran said, “Oh yeah!”


“And hopefully some students will show up and some faculty will show up,” he added with a smile.


“I’m going to deal with some of the science fiction movies of the 1950s and talk about how they reflect people’s fears and anxieties,” said Mr. Curran when asked which movies he is show clips from.


“[For example] The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and how it’s part of the Cold War and Dr. Strangelove [subtitled How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb], the most famous of all Cold War films, which is about nuclear strategy and accidental war,” he said. “Then there’s The Lives of Others, which is a German film that speaks about the people of East Germany and the end of communism.” 

Seating in the MCC is limited, but the event is free and open to the public. Questions? Email Mr. Wiercinski.


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