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Ghelfi to Golf for Michigan
Posted 11/18/2015 01:00PM
Groton, MA -- On Wednesday (Nov. 18), Hannah Ghelfi '16 signed her letter of intent to play golf at the University of Michigan. A two-sport athlete at Lawrence Academy -- Ghelfi is also a member of the varsity girls' ice hockey team -- the new Michigan Wolverine's early signing is not only a testament to her abilities on the golf course but also a reflection of her hard work in the classroom and her effervescent personality everywhere on campus.

Going to Michigan..."No one is more deserving, for sure ... Michigan is really getting a gem," says LA varsity golf head coach Kevin Wiercinski. "They know they're getting a great golfer. I think they know they're getting a great citizen. But what they're going to find out is that she really is the genuine article: As competitive as she is on the golf course, she's a sweet person, she's a great friend, a great student and just a model citizen for her peers and the young kids that are going to follow her."

Lawrence's athletic director, Kevin Potter, who is also Ghelfi's hockey coach, echoes Wiercinski's sentiments.

"She's just a special kid," he says of Ghelfi. "She's a good friend to everyone, works had, very intelligent ... she's just an amazing person."

For her part, Ghelfi is looking forward to the camaraderie among her new teammates, which she experienced firsthand when she visited the University of Michigan campus.

Ghelfi"I really liked the school and the coaches and the team, and I'm excited to play up there," she says. "... I think being a student-athlete and LA is going to help me a lot with being a student-athlete and Michigan."

While this will be Ghelfi's last season of hockey, her signing is perhaps the biggest the Lawrence Academy golf team has ever seen.

"Michigan is a first-rate school with a first-rate athletics program," Wiercinski says, "so to have someone from Lawrence go out there and say they are a Michigan Wolverine is really pretty cool."


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