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Lawrence Academy presents a memorial exhibit...
Meaningful Meandering by Luke Rogers '09
Conant Gallery: January 11 - March 5

In case you missed it: Watch the Virtual Exhibit Opening below...

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Virtual Memorial Exhibit


Luke grew up in Concord MA, and attended the Fenn School ‘06, Lawrence Academy ‘09 and the University of Vermont ’13. He also spent a semester studying in Barcelona, Spain, a month in Tanzania on a School for Field Studies wildlife biology program, and got his SCUBA certification at Catalina Island Marine Institute in southern California. These experiences nurtured one of Luke’s greatest joys in life: travel. He particularly enjoyed far-flung places that offered a great diversity of nature and wildlife. In addition to extensive travel in Africa, Luke had spent time in Europe, Australia, Indonesia, South America, the Arctic and Antarctica.

For all who knew him, Luke was a very bright light, full of fun, with many friends he loved and who loved him. He enjoyed playing soccer, was an avid Boston/New England sports fan, enjoyed anything related to the water, loved animals and nature, and listened to an eclectic assortment of music, both old and new. Luke especially loved spending time with his large group of friends, including many from Lawrence, and he had an enthusiasm for life that was contagious for all who met him.

Luke died unexpectedly of natural causes at age 29 in late December 2019. Lawrence Academy will help to honor Luke’s memory with a photography exhibit in the Conant Gallery in January 2021.

Artist Statement:

Luke Rogers traveled extensively throughout his life often with a camera in hand. For the last three years of his life, Luke worked for Audley Travel, a UK-based company specializing in custom travel all over the world. Luke was a travel specialist for the Africa team in Audley’s Boston office. The Conant Gallery exhibit displays photos from Luke’s trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia from 2016-2019.

The exhibit’s name - Meaningful Meandering – comes from a tribute written by one of Luke’s Audley Travel colleagues, Samantha King. Sam wrote in part:

Luke Rogers was an avid participant in life. He loved Africa the team, the continent and the song… His interests spanned generations, cultures and subjects. He approached the universe with an eager mind and an open heart and joined every club, group and team imaginable.

Luke was a curator of good times, both domestically and abroad and a fixer of broken things, specializing in the spirit and soul. He was a sports fanatic, melophile and masterful raconteur. Luke took on the world with a hunger for adventure and fueled by his desire for meaningful meandering. He sought out beauty in everything and thrived on human connections.


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