Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The diversity mission statement in the Lawrence Academy handbook is as follows...

Omnibus Lucet. The light shines for all.

We believe three educational imperatives—diversity, equity, and inclusion—bring our motto to life, illuminating our mission and guiding our callings. Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are and inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become.

The Office of Equity & Inclusion helps ensure that Lawrence Academy is safe, supportive, and equitable for all.


Raquel Majeski

Raquel Majeski

Assistant Head of School
for Equity & Community Life

O'Shea Bell
Assistant Dean of Equity & Community Life

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Beloved Community

Creating A Beloved Community

In a spirit of recognition intended to live up to our mission, we say here directly: Black Lives Matter. We do not claim to have all the right answers and formulas, but we pledge to be a system that properly recognizes and values our black students, families, faculty, staff, and alums.

In a place dedicated to bringing young people to adulthood, our duty goes beyond teaching, and we have a special duty to protect and empower those who are vulnerable. We acknowledge that we have much to learn and much to do to apply the core goals and principles guiding the current movement, yet we are committed.

We are accountable to live the same mission we have for our students: “to take responsibility for who we want to become.” Click here to read our latest communications to the LA community. You will see in them both our aspirations and imperfections; the resources and next steps we develop will be crucially important.

As we construct a forum to move forward the work of confronting racism in all its forms, we ask that you forward comments and questions to Raquel Majeski, who will be coordinating a summer series of conversations as an immediate next step.

Dan Scheibe, Head of School

Raquel Majeski, Assistant Head of School for Equity & Community Life

Maundy Mitchell's "Protest Portraits"

Maundy Mitchell's

We are excited to offer the work of professional photographer, Maundy Mitchell's "Protest Portraits." Maundy, a local artist, spent last summer during the height of the country’s protest and unrest, taking photos of those involved–some young, some old, from all backgrounds.

Throughout the year, we have been intentional about equipping the community with the skill of listening. Our Mees Visiting Scholar, Matthew Kay, encouraged us to listen with patience. He guided us on how to listen during courageous conversations. As a part of our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, we worked further with Essential Partners on developing strategies to improve the skills of listening. We practiced these strategies during Advisory activities and community conversations.

With these skills in place, we are eager to use creativity, expression, and listening to thoughtfully consider the momentous times we are in. Here are a few photos of Maundy Mitchell’s "Protest Portraits" installed in the center of campus, on the Quad. We hope you enjoy her incredible work as much as we do.

To learn more about Maundy Mitchell’s installation at Lawrence Academy click here.



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Clubs & Affinity Spaces

Clubs And Affinity Spaces

Affinity groups meet on a regular basis for the purpose of allowing students who share an identity, to gather and talk in a space about issues related to that identity. This is an adult-facilitated space.

Affinity Spaces at LA

Concordia Clubs
Our Concordia clubs are student-driven spaces that mirror the mission of Lawrence Academy in recognizing students for who they are and inspiring them to take responsibility for who they want to become. Our clubs reflect the diverse intersectional identities of our student body. The Concordia clubs promote awareness around cultural and social differences, while allowing students to design and implement events, actively engage with the larger Lawrence Academy and Groton community through service-learning projects, as well as reflect upon their roles as informed global citizens striving for the common good for all. Concordia clubs are alliance spaces.

The Moral Courage Task Force (MCTF)
The MCTF is made up of Concordia Club leaders. The MCTF meets on a monthly basis to set the agenda for the Concordia Club meetings and affinity group gatherings. Tasks include hosting Chat & Chews to discuss current events, Cultural Coffeehouse activities, and assistance with community events such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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