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2017 - 2018 School Year Information

The 2017-2018 school year At-a-Glance calendars are available and detail vacation breaks, Parents Weekend, etc. Use this calendar to schedule travel arrangements, vacations, and appointments. Use the full school calendar on the website for up-to-date daily information.

Summary of Registration Dates

Check the 2017-2018 School Year At-a-Glance Calendar for specific times…

Athletic Registration (varsity tryouts/practices): September 1
Peer Counselors, Proctors, International Student Leaders:
September 4
New Students
(if didn’t register Sept. 1): September 5
Remaining Returning Students
(if didn’t register Sept. 1 or 4): September 7

Please find below answers to many of the questions/concerns you may have about various aspects of our school. Check back consistently, as additional information may be added throughout the spring and summer. Also check emails from LACADEMY.EDU for pertinent summer information.

Before the Start of School (& varsity tryout info)

1. What forms are necessary for the start of school and where can I find them?

Forms required for registration are available in My BackPack and Magnus Health. Use your My BackPack login to access My BackPack to complete the required forms under “Reservation Agreement and Additional Forms” and to access Magnus Health to complete the required health forms. These forms must be submitted electronically by July 31, 2017.

My BackPack forms:
Reservation Agreement – all students
Student Emergency and Permission Form – all students
Athletic Registration Form – all students. For athletic descriptions, see the Athletics Requirements page.
Publicity Form – new students only
Mindfulness Project permission form – new students only
Roommate Questionnaire – new boarding students only
Bus transportation from Lexington/Concord/Acton – day students only
Student Car Contract – day students only
International Travel Form – all international students
International Parent Luncheon RSVP Form – new international students only

Magnus Health forms: all students

2. What athletic opportunities are available for the afternoon?

Requirements and opportunities for each term and the explanation of credits can be found on the Athletics Requirements page.

3. What is Athletic Registration on September 1 (pre-season) and do I have to come?

Prior to the first day of classes, there is athletic registration for Varsity tryouts/practices (pre-season). The following student athletes are required to register on September 1:

Football (all levels), Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Girls' Soccer, Varsity Boys' Soccer, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Boys' Cross Country and Varsity Girls' Cross Country athletes are required to attend varsity tryouts and practices on campus by the coaches of these programs. These practices/tryouts run from Friday, September 1 to Monday, September 4.

If you are not trying out for Varsity level on any of the teams listed here, you should not register on September 1.

If you or your child has any questions about attending varsity tryouts, please contact the appropriate coach listed below:
Football Head Coach Paul Zukauskas:
Field Hockey Head Coach Eliza Foster:
Girls’ Soccer Head Coach Kim Healy:
Boys’ Soccer Head Coach Colin Igoe:
Volleyball Head Coach Steven Engstrom:
Cross Country Head Coaches Andrew Brescia: or Nate Cabot:

4. What must I know for the start of pre-season on September 1?

  • All registration and health forms must be completed and electronically submitted by July 31, 2017, in order to participate in pre-season, which begins on September 1.
  • Athletes must attend all sessions of pre-season, including practices and evening activities. The coaches will distribute practice schedules on the first day of practice.
  • All school rules will be in effect for pre-season. In addition, all new students, regardless of sports participation, will attend a new student orientation trip to Windsor Mountain that begins on Wednesday, September 6, and ends on Thursday, September 7.
  • All boarding students are expected to remain on campus for the entire pre-season weekend, which runs Friday, September 1 – Tuesday, September 5.
  • Day students are expected to return home at the end of each day of tryouts/practices.

5. Can boarding students move in and set up their room during pre-season?

Only athletes attending pre-season tryouts and practices are able to set up their assigned dorm room on September 1, after registration.

6. Can boarding athletes leave anytime during the weekend pre-season camp?

Only with special permission from your coach and the Dean of Students, because all boarding students are expected to remain on campus for the entire pre-season weekend, which runs Friday, September 1 – Tuesday, September 5.

7. What do I need to bring for athletic equipment to pre-season?

All Preseason Athletes need to bring practice clothing (shorts and t-shirts) and a bathing suit because we do use our pool in between practice sessions to cool down.

Football: football cleats, socks (2-3 pair), mouth piece, sun screen
Soccer: cleats, shin guards, socks (2-3 pair), water bottle, sun screen
Field hockey: cleats, socks (2-3 pair), field hockey stick, goggles, mouth piece, sun screen
Volleyball: shoes, knee pads
Cross Country: running shoes, socks (2-3 pair), stopwatch, water bottle, sun screen

8. Other IMPORTANT information for pre-season!

  • What does the athletic department provide?
    The equipment room provides towels only. Athletes can buy/charge to their student accounts mouth pieces, water bottles, LA athletic t-shirts, shorts and a laundry loop. All charges will be applied to your student account.
  • Do I need to do my own laundry during pre-season?
    No, our athletic equipment room staff will issue you a laundry loop, and you can attach all your dirty sports-related practice clothes to be washed and dried every day during pre-season.
  • How long and when are practices?
    Each day, teams will be scheduled for three sessions: two practices (one morning and one afternoon session) and a third team session after dinner.

9. What laptop should I buy to use at school and what if I have other technology questions?

Most Apple- and Windows-based laptops will work on our network, but if you have any questions regarding laptops you currently own or laptops you are considering purchasing, please read the Student Technology Information Booklet. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Mr. Burkholz.

10. Whom do I call if I have a question before school starts?

Rachel Culley
Registrar, Studies Office

Andrew Healy
Dean of Students

Kevin Potter
Director of Athletics

Health Services

Tanya Clark
Book Ordering

Jennifer O’Connor
Director of Int’l Students

Libby Margraf
Assistant Head of School

Cheri Drew, Billing



11. What should I expect during student registration?

All forms (through My BackPack and Magnus Health) must be submitted by July 31, 2017. If all forms were not submitted electronically before registration day, they must be filled out in order to complete the registration process. You will have the ability at registration to log in to access My BackPack and Magnus Health to complete the forms.

During the registration process, you will receive your student ID number (new students only), advisor’s name, school email address, network access information, mailbox information, and locker information if you are a day student or dorm assignment and room key/fob if you are a boarding student. Boarding students will pick up their laundry bag if they have pre-registered with E&R Laundry. You can also sign up for laundry service during registration. After completing the registration process, boarding students may move into their room.

If you do not have a bank account, there are two banks within walking distance of the campus: Bank of America and Citizens Bank. Citizens Bank will be on campus during registration to open accounts. Students will need to have their Social Security Number (U.S. citizen) or Visa/Passport Number to open an account, and a parent to sign if under the age of 16.

Also Note: Please bring your laptop with you to registration. Our Technology Department must register your laptop to work on the school network.

12. What do I need to know about the NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION that happens before classes begin?

New student orientation will begin after registration on Tuesday, September 5. There will be events to familiarize yourself with the campus and fellow students. Part of new student orientation for all new students and new faculty is to attend an overnight camp orientation which takes place Wednesday, September 6 – Thursday, September 7, 2017. This part of orientation is conducted off campus at Windsor Mountain International, a summer camp located just outside Hillsboro, NH. New students and new faculty get an opportunity to meet each other and the nearly 40 student leaders who play important roles on campus.

Pack appropriately. Bring the following items, particularly LOOSE warm clothing, a flashlight, and a good sleeping bag. It gets chilly and dark at night in New Hampshire.

Sleeping bag*
Water bottle
Rain jacket
Comfortable athletic shoes
Two (2) pairs of socks
Long pants (loose)
Two (2) shirts (T or button-down) (loose)
One (1) sweater/sweatshirt
Toilet articles

Shorts (recommended)
Swim suit and second towel**

*It is important that you have a sleeping bag. If you do not own one, try to borrow. If all else fails, we have a limited number of bags we can lend. Please let us know in advance if you will need to borrow one.
**Swimming and boating are available. Everyone is encouraged to participate in an early morning swim on Thursday. These activities are optional but highly recommended!


  • Money: There is no place to spend it anyway.
  • Electronic Equipment: Orientation is a time to meet new people, to try new things, and to enjoy a natural environment. Headsets also get in the way. No cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptop computers, radios, personal stereos, TVs, etc.
  • Good Clothes and Jewelry: The program is very active and much of it takes place out-of-doors. Bring only clothing suitable for vigorous activity. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged valuables. Please leave them at home.


  • Bring a positive attitude. You may find yourself doing activities that are a little silly or unfamiliar. Be silly. Try something new. If you come determined to have fun, you will. If you think you won’t have fun, well, you probably won’t.
  • Challenge yourself. You’ll hear a lot more about this while we’re at orientation. You can learn a lot about yourself and about other people if you challenge yourself to do something you’re not sure you can do.
  • Talk to new people. Orientation is a great place to meet classmates and teachers before you have the added pressure of classes and homework. The comfort of the friends you already have is nice, but try to talk to people you haven’t met yet as well. In particular, try to get to know some of the student leaders. They are at orientation to help you, and can be a great resource throughout the school year.
  • Know you’re not alone. There are another 120 new students who are probably feeling the same way you are. The student leaders also went to new student orientation when they began at Lawrence. If you’re tired, or cold, or homesick, talk to someone. We’re all here to help.

Your bag should be packed and on campus on Wednesday, September 6. Orientation will conclude upon our return to campus at approximately 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 7.

If you have questions or concerns about orientation, please feel free to contact Ms. Shaikh or Mr. Abisalih.

Dormitory Life

1. What should I bring to school for my dormitory room?

Each dorm room contains a bed, desk, chair, bureau and closet space. Each room also has at least one window and the windows are supplied with shades. The shapes and sizes of the rooms vary greatly, so new students are advised to delay bringing extra furniture, large rugs, or window curtains until they have lived in the room for a while.

Usual Items to bring for the room
Alarm clock, desk lamp, wastebasket, iPod and/or computer speakers for your music, closet hangers and a trunk with a lock for additional secure storage, if you so choose.

Bedding and Laundry
Students must bring their own sheets, pillows, blankets, and bedspreads. If you are bringing your own sheets from home, please note that you will need extra-long fitted twin sheets. Students who wish to do their own laundry will find coin-operated machines in several locations on campus. An outside laundry service and linen rental is also available, if that is your preference. You may register online by visiting the E&R website.

Room Decorations
Decorations are limited by good taste and dorm parents may ask that offensive material be removed. To preserve the paint and plaster, students may not tack, nail or use adhesive tapes to affix anything to the walls. Students must use special adhesive wall tack, available in the school store, if displaying decorations directly on the walls. Due to the hazard of fire, no fabric wall hangings are permitted.

During the academic day, Lawrence Academy expects students to adhere to a dress code designed to allow for comfort and individuality while maintaining a standard conducive to an academic setting. All clothing must be neat, clean, modest, and in good repair. Further explanation of LA's dress code may be found in the 2017-18 Omnibus Lucet, the student handbook, available in your My BackPack account.

Prohibited Items
For safety reasons, no electrical or cooking appliances may be used in dormitory rooms except UL-approved stereos, computers, radios, clocks, electric blankets, irons, lamps, and low power hair dryers. Prohibited items include: halogen lamps, heating coils, hot plates/pots, rice cookers, refrigerators, monitors that exceed 25”, candles or incense burners, any other use of open flame in the rooms, televisions, all types of pets.

2. What will be my mailing address at school?

Letters or packages sent through the United States Postal Service:

P.O. BOX 992
GROTON, MA 01450

Packages sent through shipping companies (UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne):

GROTON, MA 01450

Mail is delivered Monday through Friday to the mailroom in the Student Lounge area of the Schoolhouse building. Once the mail is received in the mailroom, it is sorted into individual mailboxes. NO MAIL OR PACKAGES ARE RECEIVED ON THE WEEKEND FROM ANY DELIVERY SERVICE. Overnight mail/packages sent on a Friday will not reach the mailroom until Monday. It will then be sorted into individual mailboxes.

It is the responsibility of all boarding and day students to check their mailbox regularly for mail, packages, comments/papers from teachers, and other school communications.

3. Is there a laundry service for boarding students?

Students who wish to do their own laundry will find coin-operated machines in several locations on campus. However, there is an outside laundry service, E&R Laundry, which offers a full-service plan to accommodate your clothing. They also rent towels and linens. E&R Laundry will be on site during registration for those students who would like to sign up. You may also register online by visiting the E&R website.

4. When will I find out roommate assignments?

Roommate and dorm information will be made available to students and families only upon arrival on registration day in September. The school does not release housing information prior to this time in the event of a need for last minute changes.

5. How do I sign out if I want to leave campus during the academic day or for the weekend?

The sign-out system will be reviewed with all boarding students during the first weeks of school. For long weekends and vacations, travel forms will be filled out in advance so that we can be sure that travel plans can be confirmed.

Weekday Sign-Outs: Sign-out through the Dean of Student’s Office is required each time a boarding student plans to leave campus during the academic day.

Weekend Sign-Outs: All boarding students who plan to leave campus for a weekend must sign out before 1:30 p.m. on the Thursday before departing campus. For four weekends during the school year, our boarding community will come together for on-campus weekends. No sign-outs are permitted for the on-campus weekends of September 15-17, December 1-3, January 5-7, and April 6-8.

Boarding Student Returns: Sunday evenings are crucial to the boarding life of our school. We ask that families organize their weekends so that students arrive back on campus by 7:15 p.m. for dorm meetings held every Sunday evening, and the first evening after a break at 7:30 p.m.


For information regarding choosing classes, book ordering, summer assignments and any other preparations related to academics at Lawrence Academy please click here to go the Academics portion of our website.

If you have any questions about any of the emails or anything related to the academic program, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at the contact information below. We are anxious to help and guide you through the preparation of your upcoming year.

We look forward to welcoming you in the fall.


Arthur Karp
Director of Studies

Mike Culley
Assistant Dir. of Studies

Rachel Culley

Fees & Payments

1. What are the tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year?

Boarding student tuition rate is $61,150. Day student tuition rate is $47,400.

2. What are the different tuition payment plans for students?

The tuition deposit is due April 10 and is 10% of the total annual tuition charge.  Lawrence Academy offers either a two-payment plan or monthly nine-payment plan for the remaining tuition due. International parents may choose either a one-payment plan or a two-payment plan.

3. If I want to wire money to the school, what do I need to do?

Funds are to be transferred in U.S. dollars. If you will be transferring funds to Lawrence Academy electronically, please use the following wire transfer instructions:

Name of Bank:            Boston Private Bank and Trust Company, 10 Post Office Square, Boston, MA
Swift address #:          BPTCUS33
ABA/Bank Transit #:   011002343
Name of Account:       Lawrence Academy
Account #:                   0943456630  
For account of:            Student’s name

4. Are there other fees in addition to tuition?

  • Books: $400-$800/year for all students (dependent upon courses selected) and are ordered by families. More information will be available once the student’s course list is finalized. Students must have the ability to order and pay for books at any time during the summer or school year for additional purchases.
  • There is a $300 term charge deposit for new domestic students and a $1,000 term charge deposit for new international students. This deposit is a onetime charge, due by July 1, 2017, that is used to cover incidental charges that are billed to the student’s account. Incidental expenses include, but are not limited to, new student orientation, outside music teachers, school store purchases, lost or damaged school property, studio fees, art fees, class trips, athletic supplies, entertainment, transportation, class fundraisers, graduation fees, postage fees and Winterim evening activities for on-campus courses. Term charges can average $150-$1,000/term.  Billing statements are issued monthly. Parents will be notified each month when a new billing statement has been created. Billing statements and current account details will be available in your account on My BackPack.
  • $750 International Student Fee: All international students who use any kind of visa to enter the United States, or who pay a SEVIS fee to the American Embassy are charged $750. This fee assists in covering the costs of complying with SEVIS regulations, maintaining our status as a TOEFL test site, implementing our orientation and beyond program, and offering additional activities for international students throughout the year.
  • Tuition Refund Insurance: The premium for the tuition refund insurance plan is 3.5% of the full year’s tuition. For boarding students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $2,140.25. For day students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $1,659.00. Premiums for students receiving financial aid are based on 3.5% of the net tuition amount for the year. See below for more information regarding the tuition refund insurance plan.
  • Winterim: $100 - $3,000 (dependent upon course selected). All students in travel courses will also be required to purchase travel insurance through a group policy offered by the school. Winterim courses are selected with permission from parents in early December. This is an additional cost and will be added to your student account at the end of December with payment due at the beginning of January.
  • Medical Insurance: Lawrence Academy requires that all international students participate in the school’s student medical insurance program. The fee for international students is $1,905.00 for the period August 20, 2017 through August 19, 2018 and is due July 1, 2017. A waiver for the insurance is granted only to international students with proof of medical insurance coverage provided by a U.S. company. Medical insurance is not available for domestic students.
  • Bus Transportation: This is a voluntary service for day students residing in the Andover, Concord, or Lexington, MA area:
     - Andover: $2,625
     - Concord: $2,425
     - Lexington: $3,050
    Bus transportation signup is completed by logging into your account on My BackPack and submitting the bus transportation form found under Reservation Agreement & Additional Forms.
  • Academic Support: If a student has registered with the Academic Support Office, they will work with a Learning Strategy Coach once or twice a week. This is an additional cost and fees are dependent upon the number of weekly sessions elected.  Fees are charged annually or on a term basis.         

5. Please describe the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan.

Because the Reservation Agreement is a contract obligating you for the full year’s tuition payment even in the event of absence, change in boarding status, withdrawal or dismissal, we offer a tuition refund insurance plan for your consideration. The optional plan is offered through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., and is designed to provide partial tuition payment coverage in the event of absence, change in boarding status, withdrawal or dismissal. We strongly encourage families new to LA to consider purchasing this coverage. The school’s policy regarding no refunds or cancellation of tuition for absences, change in boarding status, withdrawal or dismissal after July 1 as stated in the Reservation Agreement is firm and not negotiable.  If you elect to participate, coverage begins after the 15th day of school. The tuition refund insurance plan provides 50% coverage of the daily tuition rate for non-medical withdrawals, absences or dismissals. The percent of coverage for medical withdrawals or absences varies. Please refer to the tuition refund insurance brochure for a full explanation of the plan. The premium for the tuition refund insurance plan is 3.5% of the tuition. For boarding students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $2,140.25. For day students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $1,659.00. Premiums for students receiving financial aid are based on 3.5% of the net tuition amount for the year.

6. Are there outside tuition funding options that I can explore?

7. How can I get money to my student at school?

Students must have a bank account at a local bank in Groton if they do not already have a US bank account elsewhere. Lawrence Academy is unable to receive funds from students or parents for safekeeping or to cash checks or give cash advances. Representatives from a local bank will be on campus during student registration for those interested in opening accounts. Students will need to have their Social Security number (U.S. citizen) or Visa/Passport number to open an account and a parent to sign the application form if the student is under the age of 16.

Additional Information for International Students

1. The school health insurance offered by Lawrence Academy is mandatory for international students, but I already have my own insurance. Why am I required to purchase the school health insurance?

Lawrence Academy requires that every student by covered by a comprehensive injury and sickness plan, one that meets the high cost of medical services and is accepted by local providers and practitioners. The majority of, if not all, local health care providers are not willing to accept/bill a plan that does not have a United States-based address (for claims, submission/questions, etc.). If you purchased a travel policy, these tend to perform best for short-term trips. Often times, these policies do not provide the needed benefits for someone residing in the United States for a period of 9 or 10 months. These policies also tend to have low maximum benefits and exclusions that do not work in an academic/sports setting. Local health care providers are also not willing to accept a credit card as the payment method to establish care for the student. Health care providers require insurance so they can ensure all service is pre-approved and collection of payment is guaranteed. Without these assurances, this puts your child at risk of not receiving immediate care and can cause significant delays in treatment. Please review the brochure, which will give details about the coverage offered by Lawrence Academy.

2. Is there an international student fee? Who is considered to be international?

All students who do not have a U.S.A passport and use any kind of visa to enter the United States or who pay a SEVIS fee to the American Embassy are considered International and are charged a $750 International Student Fee, which covers the cost of complying with SEVIS regulations and supports several activities, including special cultural outings held just for international students, the orientation program for all new international students, keeping Lawrence Academy personnel up-to-date on immigration and visa regulations, and maintaining our technological ability to administer the TOEFL exam on campus.

3. What do I need to be able to enter the United States of America?

You should have the following items with you (not in your luggage):

  • Your passport, which must be valid for at least six months past the date you enter.
  • Your visa (usually F-1) [Canadian citizens do not require a visa but must not enter as tourists. Please use the I-20.]
  • All I-20s from Lawrence Academy. If you are a transfer student, you should also have the I-20 from your previous school(s).
  • Financial documents that show proof of your family’s ability to pay for the costs of an academic year in the U.S.A. A copy of the documents you gave the embassy should be sufficient.
  • A copy of any payments made to your Lawrence Academy account may also be helpful; please contact the business office if you need the most recent copy of your account transactions.
  • If you have a financial aid award from LA, carry a copy of the letter that states the amount of the award.
  • Proof of payment of the SEVIS fee, form I-901.

Very Important Information about Arriving to the United States for All Students:
Please note that if you use a tourist visa to enter the U.S.A., you will not be allowed to complete the registration process. You will be required to leave the U.S.A. and re-enter with a visa that allows full-time study before being allowed to register, move in, or study.

Canadian students must use their I-20 to enter the U.S.A. Students who do not get their passport correctly stamped are considered tourists and will not be able to complete the registration process, move in, or study until they have re-entered the U.S.A. using the correct forms.

The warnings above are for your protection as well as the Academy’s. You need to be aware that failure to maintain a legal status while in the United States can affect your future plans for studying, traveling, working or living in America.

NEW STUDENTS: Your I-20 is signed by a Lawrence Academy official on page 1. Please make sure that both you and your parents also sign the bottom of page 1.

At the first airport to which you arrive in the U.S.A., you will undergo the immigration inspection. The officer will ask for the documents above. He or she should stamp your passport, and then should write on it “F-1” and “D/S”. This writing is important because it shows that you entered the U.S.A. for the purpose of studying.

The immigration officer may ask you many of the same questions that the consul asked when you applied for your visa. Even if your papers are correct and valid, this officer can deny you entry to the USA, so please be polite.

All visitors to the USA are fingerprinted and photographed at the port of entry, so you should expect this as well. You may be asked to turn over your cell phone and to open your social media for the inspectors. If you do not wish to allow your social media to be viewed, you should temporarily delete those apps from your phone before entering the USA.

Any problems at the port of entry should be reported to the International Student Advisor.

4. What should I expect during new international student registration?

All new international students must present their passports and I-20s at the door. Please bring these items with you. Returning students will then be available to assist you through the registration process as described above.

Please note specific registration dates and times on the calendar posted online and allow plenty of time to get through the registration process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer O’Connor.

5. Is there an orientation program for new international students?

Orientation meetings begin after registration on September 5 for all parents and students. Parent orientation is on Tuesday, September 5, only. The international student orientation continues through Thursday, September 7, which includes the overnight camp on September 6 and 7, plus the weekend of September 8 and 9. You will then receive a schedule so you can order books as part of orientation. Also during orientation, we will go shopping for any necessities.

6. What do I need to know as a returning international student?

You must have the following items with you in order to enter the U.S.A. each time you return:

  • Your passport, which must be valid for at least six months past the date you plan to enter
  • Your visa (usually F-1) [Canadian students do not require a visa]
  • Your I-20s from Lawrence Academy
  • Financial documents that show proof of your family’s ability to pay for the costs of an academic year in the U.S.
  • A certified letter from your bank showing account balances should be sufficient.
  • A copy of any payments made to your Lawrence Academy account may also be helpful; please contact the business office if you need the most recent copy of your account transactions.
  • If you have a financial aid award from LA, carry a copy of the letter that states the amount of the award.
  • Proof of payment of the SEVIS fee, form I-901

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you arrive at the U.S.A. airport and have forgotten your I-20, the immigration officer may give you an I-515 form. This allows you to enter for 30 days until you go back and show them your I-20 for Lawrence Academy. If you receive this form, please inform the international student advisor immediately upon your arrival to campus.

Please check that your parents signed the bottom of page 1 of your I-20 last year. If you have other types of valid visas for the United States in your passport, please make sure that the immigration inspector writes “F-1” on the stamp s/he puts in your passport. If the inspector writes “B” or something else, please show the inspector your F-1 student visa. Check this before you leave the inspector’s desk.

If you are bringing electronic equipment with you, such as a laptop, be prepared to answer questions about where you bought it and where it was manufactured. You may be asked to turn over your cell phone and to open your social media for the inspectors. If you do not wish to allow your social media to be viewed, you should temporarily delete those apps from your phone before entering the USA.

Any problems at the port of entry should be reported to the International Student Advisor.

You must turn in your passport and I-20 to the International Student Advisor during the first week of school. This will ensure that your file for SEVIS is up to date. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Canadian students – please remember to go through the proper line at the port of entry. Do not use the expedited entry used for tourism.

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