Why Teach at LA?

What attracts many teachers to Lawrence Academy—and keeps them here—is a working environment that invites teacher innovation.

Before you consider teaching at any boarding school, however, be sure you are prepared for an intense, all-consuming endeavor of teaching, coaching, and living with adolescents who, by their very nature, will keep you on your toes.

The Students...

At Lawrence Academy, students are not along for the ride. They know that we expect them to participate more in their own education than they ever have before. All students in our student-centered curriculum are challenged to break some old habits by learning how to run their own seminar discussions, design their own experiments, and discover and exercise their own voice in original works of art or in drawing their own conclusions about literature, history, or sciences. With each passing trimester, students at Lawrence Academy take on ever more responsibility for their own education as they learn how to learn.

Their Teachers...

At Lawrence Academy, teachers are called on to model independent thinking, problem-solving, and creative collaboration. To thrive at Lawrence Academy, you should be prepared to live school with other teachers who are well-grounded in their subject matter, typically coach two seasons, and serve in loco parentis while supervising students in dormitories. In facilitating discussions, teachers here are more eager to help students formulate their own conclusions than to lead students to uncover the teacher's conclusion. Teachers here invite students to take initiative in group work or projects by creating an atmosphere stimulating enough to inspire them and supportive enough for them to practice seeing the opportunities in their own mistakes. Teachers at LA write comment cards on each student nearly every week; they meet with their group of seven or eight advisees three times a week. Given how much they also earnestly care about their students, one by one, it is no surprise that remarkable partnerships are formed between adults and adolescents who already share many goals in common.

A Good Fit...

Teachers who will most likely be excited, feel supported, and grow at LA are people who:

  • are well-grounded in their subject area and understand that an interdisciplinary approach to learning helps them to see the connections between what have traditionally been seen as separate, discrete disciplines;
  • really value teaching kids how to think like scientists or historians because they believe, fundamentally, that the student, not the teacher, belongs at the center of all learning and must do the hard intellectual work to discover meaning in developing their own thoughts;
  • believe that teaching intellectual skills is at least as important as getting students to learn factual content;
  • are eager to participate in the on-going dialogue focused on building a better school;
  • want to embrace the active, intense life of a boarding school by being involved in the residential aspects of the school.
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