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The week's full schedule may be found here.

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Community Events and Information


  • New this year! Summer Program in Florence, Italy, with the opportunity to earn 6 college credits.
  • LA Class Rings: Juniors and seniors are invited to purchase Lawrence Academy signet class rings from one of two vendors. Click here for more information.
  • The Parent Resource Guide from the Parents’ Association and the Student Handbook are available in your MyBackPack account for viewing.
  • You may find the Athletic game schedules on Please note: The schedule is subject to change and rosters are not yet up-to-date.
  • Another way to stay in the know is to follow us on social media (via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook).
  • Be sure to check out This Week at LA. There, you will find the School Year At-a-Glance Calendar, the academic newsletter, the Monthly Calendar, and the Athletic Calendar. A new newsletter is generally uploaded on Friday.
  • Click on single Parent Volunteer Form to sign up to help!
  • Gibbet Hill Reservations for Graduation 2018
    If you are interested in reserving a lunch at Gibbet Hill Grill (located right across the street from the school) after graduation, they will begin taking reservations at noon on March 1st for June 1, noon-2:00 PM. This is for lunch only, as the restaurant is not open for usual business until dinner. Gibbet Hill: 978-448-2900.
    And Speaking of Graduation – Rooms at the Newly Opened Groton Inn
    Located next door to campus, The Groton Inn will open in May of 2018. They will set aside a block of rooms to offer LA parents at a discounted rate of $229 which includes a full, hot, made to order breakfast each morning as well as high speed WiFi. Reservations can be made by calling The Groton Inn at 978-448-6600 or going online to Lawrence Academy Graduation Block. This block of rooms will be open for families to book until 30 days prior to arrival (4/30).


    • (1) Lexington, Harrington School, 328 Lowell Street 6:50 AM
    • (2) Alcott House Lexington Rd (AM) Concord, PM drop off at Rte. 2 at Crosby's Corner Mobil Station 7:10 AM
    • (3) Concord, Rte. 2 at Paparazzi Restaurant 7:20 AM
    • (4) Acton, Rte. 2A/119 at the Makaha Restaurant (AM) 7:25 AM
    • Note: PM drop-off is across the street at Donelan's
    • (1) Downtown Andover-across from the CVS 7:00 AM
    • (2) Route 133 intersection @ the Boston Sports Club 7:10 AM
    • Thursday, March 1st (last day of winter exams)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)
    • Monday, March 5th - Thursday, March 15th (Winterim)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)(IMPORTANT: SEE BELOW FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH)
    • Friday, March 16th (Winterim wrap-up night)(buses will depart campus at 6:30 PM)
    • Friday, May 25th (prom)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)
    • Friday, June 1st (graduation)(buses will depart campus at TBD)
    • Thursday, June 7th (last day of spring exams)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)
    • Both bus lines arrive on campus at approximately 7:45 AM. The academic day starts at 8:00 AM.
    • Return departure from Lawrence Academy in the fall and spring is 6:30 PM (during the winter, the return is at 7:00 PM). The bus leaves from behind the dining hall.
    • Students who are not able to catch the evening bus due to an away game, late practice or other school commitment must arrange for their transportation that evening; bus service is not adjusted to accommodate late practices or games.

Tentative Student Weekend Activities 2/23-2/25

Tentative Student Weekend Activities 2/23-2/25

FRIDAY 2/23/18
4:30-8:00 PM–CS Project - Groton CommunityDinner*
6:00-8:00 PM–Westford Shuttle (Departs @6 PM)
6:00-10:00 PM–(est. time) Movies in Littleton* (Exact leave/return time posted after movie times are posted)
7:00-10:30 PM–XBOX in MacNeil
7:00-10:30 PM–Movies in MacNeil
8:00-10:00 PM–Pool & Ping Pong & Badminton (student lounge)

SATURDAY 2/24/18
12:00-2:00 PM–The Point Shuttle (departs @12 PM)
12:00-10:30 PM–XBOX in MacNeil
12:00-10:30 PM–Movies in MacNeil with cupcake snack
6:00-8:00 PM–Westford Shuttle (departs at 6pm)
7:15-11:30 PM–Dance @ Belmont Hill School (10th-12th graders; bring ID's)
8:00-10:00 PM–Open Ice/Open Gym (with laser tag?)

SUNDAY 2/25/18
12:00-4:00 PM–Point Shuttle- See a movie or grab a snack/meal. (departs LA 12, 1:15, & 2:30; final Point pick up is at 3:40)
12:00-7:30 PM–XBOX in MacNeil
12:00-7:30 PM–Movies in MacNeil
1:00-3:00 PM–Open Weight room & Fitness Center
6:30-7:30 PM–Study Break: Badminton & B'Donuts OR Puzzles & Peppermint (cookies, candy, etc.) in student lounge

LA Cares: Service At LA

LA Cares: Service At LA

Visit Community Life Sign-up page for all CS options and weekend activities...

Seniors – work on your CS hours over the Thanksgiving and holiday breaks so you are done by the end of classes in February.
All Students – you need 6 hours done during the school year, EACH year you are enrolled at LA. All hours need to be turned into Tanya Clark.
Verification of hours – get a letter signed by the person coordinating your service for the non-profit (not a relative) or have the leader email Mrs. Clark

LA Parents' Association News

Parents' Association News

Admissions News: In just a few weeks, families who applied to LA this year will receive their decision letters from the Admissions Office. Accepted families have one month to decide if LA is right for their family. This is where current families come in: We need LA parents to call these accepted families to congratulate them on their acceptance and tell them why LA has been the right fit for your family! Visiting families comment on the warmth and accessibility of the LA community throughout their admissions experience, and it's this type of individualized outreach which helps families to make their decision. Volunteers will be assigned to call approximately five families. Those callers will then be assigned to families whose children have similar interests or reside in the same geographic area. If you are willing to make a few phone calls, please contact Jaleen Siekman (Alicia '17, Lindsay '20).

Save the Date: The Sophomore parent potluck will be held on Friday March 9, 2018 at 6:30 PM at Robin and Vince Loporchio’s (Tim '20) house in Andover. Find the invitation, here.

Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day is April 25. More information on the event is coming soon, but if you would like to ensure your student's grandparent or special friend gets an invitation, be sure to fill out this form.

The Annual Spring Social and Fundraiser is May 5, 2018. If you have any ideas or want to help, please be in touch with co-chairs Noreen Britt (Clayton '19) and Robin Loporchio (Tim '20).


Be sure to read a note from Lawrence Academy's new Parents' Association chair, Melissa Usen.

Boarding Student Sign-Out Rules and Expectations

Boarding Student Sign-Out Rules and Expectations

  • Weekend sign-outs (and only weekend sign-outs) are initiated by the student through REACH.
  • Day sign-outs and weeknight absences (Monday-Thursday) must be done in person through the dean of students or the faculty member on duty (OD). Parent/guardian approval is required.
  • All sign-outs are due by 9:30 AM on Thursday. REACH shuts down at this time and does not accept new sign-outs until 8:00 PM on Sunday. At this time parents are contacted via email to approve the sign-out.
  • Students that miss the sign-out deadline or have a change in plans must sign-out directly through the dean of students or the faculty member on duty (OD). Students that repeatedly submit their plans after the deadline may lose their sign-out privileges.
  • After 5:00 PM on Friday, any changes or updates (early/late return) must be communicated to the faculty member on duty through the parent or guardian. Students may not call in changes themselves.
  • Transportation and lodging.
    - Students may not use Uber. Lawrence Academy has a list of approved drivers and services that have passed all of the necessary background checks. Please contact Andrew Healy, dean of students, for more information.
    - Students may not sign-out to a hotel unless a parent or guardian is present.

All School and Class of 2018 Photo Available for ordering

Order your All School and Class of 2018 Photo

ORDER YOUR All School and Class of 2018 Photo Now!
The 2017-18 all school photo is available for purchase, framed or unframed, along with the class of 2018 photo. You can order through this link directly from the photographer. Samples of the pictures and frame are in the bookstore. Prices are as follows:

All School
Unframed $ 30
Laminated (unframed) $ 35
Framed and Matted $130

Class of 2018
Unframed $ 22
Laminated (unframed) $ 27
Framed and Matted $105

2018 Yearbook Ordering Information

Order your 2018 Yearbook now


If you have any questions, you can either email Mrs. McGowan or just find us.

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