What's in store for 2018

LA Day

Our very popular, traditional day camp, where campers choose their own adventures! Campers ages 5 – 15 decide what their time at camp looks like. Try something new, or spend more time on an activity you already love. LA Day is broken into four age groups, all with their own unique elective options. From arts and sports to STEM and the outdoors, we have something options for everyone! Swim lessons are included for all LOWER Campers (ages 5 & 6), with MIDDLE campers (ages 7-9) able to choose lessons as an elective. Free swim is also an option for all age levels! (Private and semi-private swim lessons are available before and after camp – email the office for details.)

Double the Fun

NEW this year! Campers can have the best of both worlds when signing up for a Double the Fun week! A specialty track is paired with our traditional camp and it’s sure to keep our campers coming back! Double the Fun allows campers to diver deeper into an area that they love each morning in a specialty of their choosing. In the afternoon, they’ll join up with their age group in LA Day for electives that they will choose. Our Double the Fun Specialty Tracks for 2018 are:

Cooking (ages 10-15), Marvelous Machines (7-11), Iron Chef (12-15), Baking (10-15), Toying with Science (5-9), Track (11-15), Nature & Orienteering (7-11), Woodworking (12-15), Art Explorers (9-15), KaBoom Chemistry (7-11), Minecraft (10-15), Coed Volleyball (9-15), Let’s get Electrified (7-11), Baseball (5-15), Sew Kool (10-15), Soccer (5-15), Loose in the Chem Lab (10-15), Basketball (5-15), RAOKing (7-15)

Specialty Camps

Our specialty camps are FULL DAY camps that run for a specific period of time (ranging from one to four weeks) and are centered on a specific field. Our Specialty Camps for 2018 are...

Camps in bold and italics are 2 week long camps; camps that are underlined run for 4 consecutive weeks

Baseball (9-15), Robotics (9-12), Basketball (9-15), Robotics Jr (6-8)
Soccer (9-15), Advanced Robotics (11-15), LA Acts! (Drama) (7-15), Marine Science Explorations (10-15), Summer at LA Presents! (musical theater)(9-15), Build Your Own Canoe (11-15), Counselor In Training (14-15), Summer Spartans (12-15) – Academic ½ day camp

Everyday Adventure Camps

Our new and improved trip camps for 2018! Each week of the summer will be offering an Everyday Adventure Camp. We’ve added trip weeks for our younger adventurers and expanded trips for our seasoned explorers. From water-based expeditions to wilderness exploration, we have options for adventurers of all ages! The cost of our adventure camps includes all entrance fees, transportation, snacks, and lunches. Check back in February for the detailed schedule of trips, but reserve your spot now!

Preschool Camp (3 & 4-year-olds)

For our youngest campers, we offer a fun taste of camp that lets them explore some of everything! In this shortened day program, which ends at 2:00pm, campers will be guided through music and movement, arts and crafts, nature walks, swimming lessons, and more! You can attend preschool camp 2, 3 or 5 days a week and we also offer an optional extended day program, which is available until 4:00 PM.

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Double the Fun Descriptions


Baking (10-15): From muffins, to cookies; from cakes to turnovers – we’ll be learning all that goes into the art of baking in this specialty track. We’ll also dive into cake decorating and may even have time to learn about candy making too. We can only accommodate nut allergies

Cooking (10-15): Emerging culinary artists, this is the specialty track for you! The amount we create is amazing. Bread from scratch, taco’s, pulled pork, and even take your hand at homemade pizza! You will certainly never go home hungry! Learning all the ins and outs of food service and cooking from beginning to end is a part of this specialty track. Working in groups to create different aspects of the meals, campers will come home with a recipe book of all tasty food their created and the skills to wow you back at home! *Menu of what we’ll be cooking varies each summer, the above were things made during the summer of 2016. We can only accommodate nut allergies

Iron Chef (12-15): Taking cooking to a whole new level. Open to those campers 12 – 15 years old, who have previously done a cooking or baking track. Put your cooking skills to the test as you learn to create your own recipes, challenge your fellow campers to taste tests, plan and execute a 3-course meal for a party of 8-10 people. Leave being able to menu plan, write an accurate grocery list, prep and cook a 3-course meal for your family. We can only accommodate nut allergies.


Art Explorers (9-15): Come explore different styles and types of art. Ceramics, pottery, water colors, oil paints, mixed media, and more! Art Explorers will be guided by an art instructor, but will follow the direction of the campers and their level of interests in different forms of art and creating! Not your everyday arts and crafts!

Sew Kool (10-15): Aprons, skirts, shirts, gifts and more! From novice to advanced, Sew Cool is for you! Learn both machine and hand sewing skills. Work with patterns and learn how to create your own designs. Turn something old into something new! Sew Cool will also include a trip to a local fabric and craft store.

Woodworking (12-15): Summer at LA’s fully equipped woodshop and experienced woodworking instructors are ready for you! Side table, coffee table, Adirondack chair, storage bench or more, campers will handcraft their own personal project to take home! Have an idea of your own? Bring it with you and have our instructor’s help you bring it to life.

RAOKing (7-15): Our world needs more kindness and RAOKing will do just that! We’ll dive into the world of helping others, making people smile and learning how little Random Acts Of Kindness can go a long way! *RAOKing will include off campus trips either on foot or by camp transportation.


Code Wiz (6-8): Learn to Code with Code Wiz! Work on developing critical problem solving and algorithm design skills while building video games with multiple levels, creating and animating your own characters, creating music videos, building physics simulations and more! Our visual programming environment provides a great introduction to programming, programming concepts and prepares campers for text based coding!

Minecraft (7-11 & 12-15): Ready to build a world of your own? Our team introduces a brand new group server that allows cool building and team design work on brand new castles. Tips for gameplay and individual character work all allow Minecraft to be an even cooler experience.


Baseball (5-15): Focuses on throwing, catching, hitting, infield, outfield, pitching, running and sliding skills.
Campers will need Campers will need cleats, a baseball cap, and cup (for boys), as well as sneakers for indoor play. Campers are welcome to bring their own bat, glove, and helmet, but it is not required.

Basketball (5-15): Focuses on refining fundamental basketball skills for players of all levels. Campers will work on and enhance their shooting, offensive moves, defense, rebounding, team play and more!
Non-marking sneakers are required. Campers are welcome to bring their own basketball (clearly labeled), but it is not required.

Soccer (5-15): Centrally focused on skills and drills to take our campers from good to great! Skills learned dribbling, passing, shooting. We do not work on heading skills in this track. Cleats are preferred, but sneakers are a must. Shin guards are also required. Campers are welcome to bring their own soccer ball (clearly labeled) but are not required.  

Track (11-15): Love to run? Want to be a better runner? Surrounded by acres and acres of awesome trails and cool running paths, each day will take you on a different running adventure. Varying days of short and long runs, agility skills and perfecting proper running form – you’ll shave seconds off your running time!

Volleyball (Co-Ed) (9-15): One of the fastest growing sports in the US and New England! This track focuses on introducing the sport and developing skills for any level of experience. Attention will be paid towards the skills of passing, movement, and having fun while learning the game.


Nature & Orienteering (7-11): Take to the beautiful outdoors and go explore the enormous campus we sit on! From learning how to read a map to using a compass; identifying different trees, plants and insects as well as spotting as many different species of birds known to Massachusetts.

KaBoom Chemistry (9-15): Get your goggles ready to experiment with chemistry that fizzes, bangs and pops as you blast off film canister rockets, make an explosion in a bag, erupt a mini geyser, mix up fizzy bath poppers and create a bubbling density concoction!

Marvelous Machines (7-11): See how simple machines make work easier… and more fun too! Compete with your friends in a pulley race, construct a lever to make a cool catapult, explore gears that make wind-up toys work, and use the power of a spring to measure force. Lots of energy is needed for participation!

Toying Around with Science (5-9): Explore the world of physics and chemistry that exists in toys. We’ll put a spin on some classic favorites and introduce you to some new “totally tubular” toys. Boomerangs, yo-yos, kaleidoscopes and roaring cups are all part of the fun!

Let’s get electrified (7-11): Be sure to stay grounded while we make exciting gadgets and explore electricity. Harness electromagnetic energy to run a motor. Build your own signaling buzzer to complete a family science game. Get on the electric superhighway and create your own circuits. Want to think green? Explore alternate energy sources by using hydropower to run a water wheel. Stay current with this exciting adventure, as it’s sure to be electrifying!

Loose in the Chem Lab (10-15): We’ll put the scientific method to the test as we put on our goggles and get elbow deep in chemistry! Discover the secret colors in candy, conduct heat sensitive experiments that change color, make the best bubble solution ever, and mix up a substance that acts like a solid AND a liquid!

Specialty Camp Descriptions

Summer at LA Specialty Camps are Full Day Specialty Camps that dive deep into a very specific skill or activity. Unless otherwise noted, each of the following specialty camps run for one week. Like all our camps, specialty camps include daily lunch, snacks and drinks. An afternoon free swim time is also scheduled for each specialty camp.

Build your own Canoe (11-15): Build your very own canoe in this awesome new specialty camp! Campers will spend their days working with craftsman Chris Balch or Balch Boats as he guides them through the process of building a light and fast 15-foot canoe that’s perfect for paddling on flat water and gentle rivers. NOTE: Campers must be able to transport their canoe from LA on the last day of their session; Summer at LA cannot transport or store canoes.

Robotics Jr (6-8): Junior does not mean any less robotics! Utilizing our Lego Mindstorm ev3 kits, Robotics Junior is a packed session full of obstacles the kids create and robots that let the creativity shine. Robotics creates a whole new perspective on how to build. **Robotics Jr Week 2, will only run for 4 days, no camp on July 4th**

Robotics (9-11): Future engineers come here! Learn to overcome obstacles and build some crazy cool machines with our Lego Mindstorm kits. These bots are ripping and rolling over every obstacle and every day presents a new puzzle to solve.

Advanced Robotics (12-15): Our director, Jay, is at it again! With intense obstacles, insane building skills, and new and improved hoops to jump through, Robotics have never been more intense… or more fun! Pre-requisite, must have completed at least one session of Robotics previously.

Baseball (9-15): Open to campers 9 – 15 years old who want more coaching, drills, direction and playing time on the field than just the half day option. The mornings are spent primarily on skills and drills and after a hearty lunch and a cool down swim in the pool, the afternoons are spent scrimmaging, working with the pitching machine, practicing your sliding skills and more.

Basketball (9-15): Open to campers 9 – 15 years old who want more coaching, direction and playing on the court than just the half day option. The mornings are spent diving into skills and drills. Campers will be in groups based on age and playing ability. After lunch and free swim, campers will hop on the courts again for afternoon scrimmages and round robin play, while our coaches guide, teach and referee your games.

Soccer (9-15): Open to campers 9 – 15 years old who want more time on the field than just the half day option. Mornings are spend in age and skill based groups working on footwork, shooting, passing, kicking and more. After lunch, the afternoons take what you’ve learned in the morning and bring it on the field for scrimmages. Throw in a cool down dip in the pool and it is a recipe for an awesome day at soccer camp.

All Sport (9-15): For the diehard sports fanatic who just loves to play any and all sports. You’ll continue the fun from the morning in the afternoon after a solid lunch and a cool down swim in the pool. You never know what sport of the day or afternoon you’ll play – traditional organized sports (soccer, basketball, lacrosse) or more non-traditional games like ultimate Frisbee, disk golf, badminton, capture the flag and more.

Marine Science Explorations (10-15): Through field trips and hands-on activities, campers will become marine biologists! With Lawrence Academy science faculty and marine scientist Steve Engstrom, we will explore the local coasts to learn about everything from plankton and lobsters to seals and whales. Campers will collect creatures for our saltwater aquarium back in our lab to observe and investigate during the week. We will get a behind-the-scenes tour of a local aquarium and science center and get to see humpbacks feeding on a whale watching trip. Campers will get their hands wet this summer while pursuing their passion for the ocean.

Counselor In Training – C. I. T (14-15): Did you love going to camp when you were younger? Do you want to make every camper's day filled with fun? Want a future summer job where you play all day? Then CIT camp is right for you! Here we train our potential new staff, in everything from leadership and management skills to communication and team building. With CPR Red Cross Certification, as well as interview practice, resume building, and a professional letter of recommendation – CIT’s leave with a feeling of accomplishment and confidence in their future roles! This program uses rolling application, has limited spaces and fills quickly! **This is a 4 week program that runs twice each summer**

**NEW** Summer at LA Presents! Musical Theater (9-15): Join us for an awesome 2 weeks of Musical Theater. Campers will learn all areas of participating in a musical including singing, dancing, acting and even auditioning for parts! At the end of the two weeks you’ll have two exciting performances in our state of the art performing arts center (an afternoon show for campers, staff and the LA community and an evening performance for your family and friends). No need to have any acting or singing experience, just come ready and willing to learn and have a blast!

**NEW** LA Acts! Drama Camp (7-15): During this two-week Drama camp, campers will explore all aspects of theater, through a variety of acting exercises, theater games, dance numbers and improve. They will also work in smaller groups on a few smaller one-act shows to perform at the end of camp. (One performance during the day for the campers, staff and LA community and an evening performance for your family and friends!)

**NEW** Summer Spartans (12-15): This new academic based program, offers students 12 – 15 years old the chance to brush up on academic skills, further develop math, writing foundations and computer programming skills all while also being able to explore new interests. Participants choose two academic areas to focus in for the morning sessions. Participants can design a full-day schedule by combining our non-credit academic courses with weekly hands-on electives. Taught by a team of teachers, this program is crafted to resemble and enriching middle school morning, with the option to add afternoon camp electives. These electives will include classes in the realms of science, art, cooking and more.

This program runs for 4 consecutive weeks. The morning academic workshops (math; writing; computer programing options) run for all 4 weeks of the program. However, participants will be able to select different afternoon electives each of the three weeks, if they so choose. Campers can be signed up at ½ day campers (8:45 AM arrival, depart at 12 Noon, or full day campers 8:45 – 4:00 PM) Half day campers can also elect to stay for lunch each day and be picked up at 12:45 instead of Noon.  

Rates, Transportation, Discounts, Policies & Extra’s


The PDF attached below outlines each rate for each specific camp. For all RETURNING Summer at LA families (attending in 2017), instead of an early bird discount, we are offering special returning family rates that are in effect from January 1st until May 1st, 2018. After May 1st, rates will increase to the regular rates. After June 1st rates increase to late registration rates. In most cases, returning family rates are the same, if not less than 2017 rates. There is a $50 PER CAMP deposit needed to be paid at time of registration. We have 3 different payment plans you can elect to be a part of. All final payments are due to be paid in full by May 15, 2018. To make sure that you are paid in full on time we recommend electing to be on a payment plan and electing into automatic payments.


We will have 3 bus stop locations again this year. Roudenbush Community Center in Westford, K-Mart Parking lot in Acton and The Point in Littleton. To reserve your space on a bus for AM or PM bus routes (or both) please sign up online under transportation. A $15 deposit per bus route is requested to reserve your camper’s space on the bus. Buses are filled on a first come, first served basis and we only have 13 camper spaces per bus stop. Pick up and drop off times are as follows (and are subject to change):

  • Westford: 8:30 AM Pick Up; 4:30 PM Drop Off
  • Littleton: (based on feedback from families) 8:00 AM Pick up, 5:00 PM Drop Off
  • Acton: 8:10 AM pick up, 4:45 PM Drop Off.


We will have the following discounts this year:

Multi-Session Discounts:

  • 5% discount when registered for 4-5 weeks of camp (per camper)
  • 8% discount when registered for 6-7 weeks of camp (per camper)
  • 10% discount when registered for 8 weeks of camp (per camper)
  • Register for all 9 weeks and receive the 9th week Free! (per camper)

Sibling Discount

Receive a 5% discount per child after the 1st and 2nd child registered for camp. (Siblings must attend at the same time).

Pay in full at time of registration and receive a 3% discount.

*Sibling and multi-session discounts cannot be stacked. If more than 1 discount can apply to you, the greater discount will be used.

Registration Policie

We listened and heard our parent’s feedback that the two week session model is really hard to work around with family schedules during the summer. Summer at LA still strongly feels and stands by that campers being on campus for 2 or more consecutive weeks allows campers to have the best possible camp experience with us. It takes most campers 3 days to get into the flow of camp and fully immerse into their small groups and begin to fully form friendships. Trying to balance the two, allowing for more flexibility in the schedule for families and for preserving the best possible camper experience, we are asking that all campers are registered for a minimum of 2 weeks at Summer at LA. We also ask that the first time a camper “steps on campus” this summer that they are on campus for 2 weeks. After the initial 2 weeks at camp, you are welcome to take a break, come back later, you can pick and choose the weeks you attend. You can begin your first 2 weeks on campus at any point as well, you no longer need to match a starting week up with the first week of a session.

A word about July 4th Week
With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday, we have decided to run camp for all 5 days that week (with the exception of Robotics Jr, which will only run for 4 days and not on July 4th). While we do not pro-rate weeks for missed days of camp, we are discounting the rates for the 4th of July week, knowing that most campers will not attend all 5 days (while you are most welcome too!)

Bus Transportation Fee’s

Our bus services will again be a free service this summer. Because we have limited space on each bus, we are requiring a deposit ($15/route) to reserve your spot. This fee will be not be charged to your card unless you do not use the bus service and do not cancel with at least a 2 week notice.

AM and PM Care Fee’s

We have adjusted our policies on pre-paying for AM and PM Care services. You can sign up for AM and PM Care during the time of registration, or add it to your account before June 1, 2018. If you sign up for AM and/or PM Care before June 1, 2018 at the discounted rates, please be aware that these are non-refundable. If you find that you pre-paid for AM Care and you ended up only coming 2 or 3 mornings that week, we will not refund unused days. AM and PM Care are set up and staffed as a drop in/as needed service. If you are unsure that you will need at least 3 of the AM’s a week or 3 of the PM’s a week, we recommend you using the service as a drop in and your account will be charged for what you used at the end of each week.

Other Extra’s and Rates

AM Care Pre-Sign Up discounted rate: $65/week

  • AM Care is available from 7:15 AM – 8:45 AM every day for campers 3-15 years old
  • Daily Drop in Rate: $20/day

PM Care Pre-Sign Up discounted rate: $90/week

  • PM Care is available from 4:00 – 6:00 PM every day for campers 5-15 years old
  • Daily Drop in Rate: $25/day

Preschool Extended Stay (2:00 – 4:00 PM) Pre-Sign up Discounted Rate: $100/week

  • Preschool Extended Stay cannot be used as a drop in service. Please give us a minimum of 24-hours’ notice if you will be needing Preschool Extended Stay for staffing purposes.
  • Daily Rate: $25/day

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Daily Group Swim Lessons are included for all Preschool and LA Day Base Camp Lower Campers (5-6) daily schedule. LA Day Base Camp Middle Campers (7-8) will have an option to choose swim lessons as one of their electives for the week, but are not mandatory for all to partake in.

Our swim instructors will also be offering Private and Semi-Private swim lessons before and after camp. Private lessons are one-on-one, camper and swim instructor, for a 30 minute lesson that meets Monday – Thursday. (Friday is reserved for make-ups if needed.) Private Lesson Fee: $140/week

Semi-Private lessons are small group lessons with no more than 3 other campers in the same lesson. Lessons will be scheduled based on swim levels and will be a 30 minute lesson that will meet Monday – Thursday. (Friday is reserved for make-ups if needed.) Semi-Private Lesson Fee: $80/week

To sign up for Private or Semi-Private Swim Lessons, watch for a specific email in February for a link to our lesson sign up page.


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