Elm Tree Society

The Elm Tree Society is made up of a select group of tour guides who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping the Admissions Office. This may include representing the school at the Fall Open House, In-Home Receptions, or other admissions events during the year.

An Elm Tree Society member has also proven himself or herself as a consistent and reliable tour guide who is confident, well spoken and poised. Members of Elm Tree vote new members into the Society each spring.

Emma Anane '21

Always a smile on her face, Emma (on the right) posing with a classmate during our Grit & Wit weekend activity.

Hi everyone — I’m Emma. I’m a senior boarding student originally from Hillsborough, N.J. At LA, I’m part of LAMP (the Lawrence Academy Mentorship Program), the Faculty-Student Senate, the special events committee, and student government. I’m also a member of our diversity club, Umoja, and the lacrosse team, and I’m our varsity volleyball team captain and manager of the varsity boys’ basketball team. I’d love to tell you more about Honors English Composition — it was my favorite class — and one of my favorite weekends of each year: homecoming!

Emily Daigle '21

Emily (in the middle), posing with fellow classmates during Club 1899's Galentine's Day cookie decorating party in MacNeil Lounge.

Welcome to Lawrence Academy! I’m Emily, a senior boarding student from Newton, Mass. You can be sure I’ll be signed up for Spoon Hunt every year, and when I’m not in class, you’ll find me on the field hockey pitch or lacrosse field. I’m also part of the Debate Club, a member of the special events committee, and a Spartan Leader. Honors English is my favorite subject; I’d love to tell you more about it.

Liv Drugotch '21

Seen here, Liv taking it to the hoop during a home basketball game against Groton School.

Hey, I’m Liv. I’m a boarding student from Stow, Mass., and I’m a senior this year. I’ve loved Lawrence Academy’s math classes, and our annual Spirit Week and Spoon Hunt traditions. I’m a member of our basketball and lacrosse teams, and I’m a field hockey team manager and part of Spartan Nation, our athletic spirit organization, too. Each year, I get involved in One Acts, and I’m also a Spartan Leader.

Ella Gregory '21

As Ella says below, she has really enjoyed her Honors English classes.

Hi all, I’m Ella. I’m a senior at Lawrence Academy this year; I live in Concord, Mass., and am a day student. Graduation is one of my favorite campus traditions — it’s so special that the whole school is involved — so I’m really looking forward to my big day this spring. I’ve really enjoyed my Honors English classes while I’ve been at LA, and I’ve also gotten involved in the Faculty Student Senate. Additionally, I’m the captain of my Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) team, and I work at Gräem Nuts & Chocolate in Concord Center.

Tess Griffith '21

Seen here, Tess dribbles the ball up field during a home soccer game at LA.

Hi, I’m Tess. I’m a senior day student at Lawrence Academy; I’m originally from Concord, N.H., but now I live in Pepperell, Mass. It’s hard for me to choose just one favorite subject, but Honors English, Honors U.S. History, and Honors Dance are my top three. I love so many of our LA traditions, too: Winterim, Spirit Week, and Mountain Day are a few of the best, if you ask me. On campus, I play soccer and basketball, and I dance; I’m also part of the Moral Courage Task Force and Spartan Nation, our school spirit group, and I’m a Spartan Leader.

Michael Kroll '21

During a Moral Courage Task Force campus activity, Michael and his classmates participated in our Unity Circle project.

Hi everyone, I’m Michael. I’m a senior day student, and I’m from Lunenburg, Mass. I’ve really enjoyed my history classes here at LA, and Spoon Hunt is one of my favorite on-campus traditions. In addition to my classes, I’m a leader of the GSA and the Politics Club, and a member of the Moral Courage Task Force and Rise Against Hunger. I’m also involved in our theatre program and chorale, and I play lacrosse, too.

Victoria Lucontoni '22

Victoria (on the right) can be seen here performing in last year's Winter Theatre Production of Into the Woods.

Hey, I’m Victoria, and I’m a junior at Lawrence Academy; I live nearby, in Concord, Mass., so I’m a day student. I’ve loved my English courses and the experiences I’ve had each March during Winterim. Outside of the classroom, I’m involved in our school plays and musicals, and I also play lacrosse. Welcome to LA!

Shelby Richards '22

Shelby (on the left) posing with a friend during Lawrence Academy's Spirit Week on School Spirit Day.

Hey there! My name’s Shelby, and I’m a junior boarding student from Nashua, N.H. I love Lawrence Academy’s science classes, and our annual Spoon Hunt. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball (Go Spartans!), and I’m also part of our Moral Courage Task Force and a co-leader of Umoja, LA’s unity club. I’d love to tell you more about our student government — I’m involved in that, too.

Maddy Ryan '22

Maddy working on her Rube Goldberg machine project in Physics class.

Welcome to Lawrence Academy! I’m Maddy, a junior boarder from North Andover, Mass. I play on our field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse teams — Go Spartans! My favorite subject is history, and each year, you’ll find me trying my hardest to win our annual Spoon Hunt.

Isabella Sepulveda '21

Isabella (on the left), in English class reciting a scene from Hamlet with her fellow classmates.

Hello! I’m Isabella, and I’m a senior day student from right here in Groton. At the start of each year, you’ll find me leading the charge up Mount Monadnock on Mountain Day! I’ve really enjoyed my English classes at LA, and outside of academics, I’m co-president of the Speech and Debate Club and a member of the girls’ tennis team.

Abigail Schuster '22

Abby (on the left), posing with her brother during one of her JV girls' hockey games at home in Grant Rink.

Hi! I’m Abby, a junior day student from Groton, Mass. My favorite subjects at Lawrence Academy are math, science, and English. There are many LA traditions I love, but Spoon Hunt is my all-time favorite. Outside of the classroom, I am a Spartan Leader, and a member of Rise Against Hunger and the AAA (Academics, Arts, and Athletics) committee. I also am a member of the school’s field hockey and girls’ ice hockey teams. Welcome to Lawrence Academy!

Calum Tinker '21

Calum, studying during History class with Ms. Shaikh.

Hi, I’m Calum. I’m a senior day student from Chelmsford, Mass. I’m the founder and a two-year leader of LA Embassy, our international club, and the co-leader of Umoja, our unity club; I’m also part of our Judiciary Council, and have been a tour guide for three years. Our annual Winter Concert is one of my favorite Lawrence Academy traditions, and as for academics, I’ve really enjoyed my English and Mandarin courses.

Olivia Todd '21

Shown here with the LA girls' ski team, Olivia (holding the plaque) celebrates with her teammates after winning the 2020 NEPSAC Skiing Championship.

Hey there! I’m Olivia, a senior boarder from Concord, Mass. I’m captain of Lawrence Academy’s girls’ varsity ski team, a member of our soccer team, and a leader of our feminism-focused club, 1899. You’ll find me playing Spoon Hunt every year (it’s my favorite school tradition!), and I’d love to tell you more about our English and history offerings — they’re two of my favorite subjects.

Celia Vinacco '21

Celia pitching for the LA softball team during a home game.

Hello! My name’s Celia, and I’m a senior day student; I live in Bolton, Mass. Ask me anything about Honors English Composition — I loved that course. Outside of the classroom, you’ll find me on the volleyball court or softball field, and relishing our annual Field Day. I’m also a camp counselor each summer.

Liam Yardley '22

Liam (in the middle), laughing with classmates in History class.

Hey everyone, Liam here. I’m a boarding student at LA (my family lives in Keene, N.H.), and I’m a junior this year. Mountain Day, our school year-starting tradition, is one of my favorite parts about this school, along with my improvisation class and a history course called Conflict and Change in Society. I’m part of our Judiciary Council, and I also lead the Yard Games Club, which offers some competitive fun on campus.

Hardy Young '22

Hardy (on the right), working with Ms. Ryan during his Math final exam.

Welcome to Lawrence Academy! I’m Hardy, a junior from Needham, Mass. I’m a boarder, so I love when everyone sticks around for on-campus weekends. I’ve also really enjoyed my Spanish classes at LA. Outside of the classroom, I’m one of the leaders of the Yard Games Club, which we founded to help students take a break from academics and have a little fun with their classmates, and I play for our tennis team.

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