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Social Media: The New Word of Mouth

Lawrence Academy NEPSAC Presentation

Friday, November 18, 2016

Don Draper (

Nobody at a school wants to duplicate the shenanigans seen on the hit series Mad Men; however, we’d all love to employ the tried-and-true principals of successful mid-20th Century advertising in order to make our social media laced 21st Century marketing campaigns matter.

As the character Don Draper said, "Advertising is based on happiness..." And what we at Lawrence Academy strive to do is give everyone that encounters us online or through social media — the modern word-of-mouth — a glimpse of the happiness our community enjoys in Groton, Mass.

Guided by the words of David Ogilvy—the original mad man—we’ll see that big ideas are simple ideas and remain true in the age of video and social media. Our take: Word-of-mouth remains key, but sometimes you only have 140 characters to start the conversation.

Social Media MatrixIn this session, we will cover:

  1. Timeless Marketing Lessons from Don Draper and David Ogilvy. Suggested by an article on, as well as numerous other web articles that appeared around the timing of the final episodes of Mad Men; through discussion we'll  that the tenets of modern marketing remain simple and straightforward.
  2. How Lawrence Academy took non-scholastic marketing methods — most notably employed by the Boston Bruins — and introduced them into an independent school environment that had previously not utilized social media as part of its marketing strategy. LA's Director of Communication, John Bishop, and its Rich Media Communications Specialist, Jonathan Gotlib, were on the cutting edge of social media when they covered the NHL's Boston Bruins during their championship run of 2011. The lessons they learned while wearing Black & Gold were embraced by Director of Admissions Phil Blood and allowed LA to set a new bar for non-traditional prep school marketing.
  3. What that introduction of non-traditional marketing methods onto a 222 year-old campus did to enhance the visibility of Lawrence Academy and the authentic, engaged, men and women who graduate our school.

To Begin...

To Begin...

Keep it simple...
We knew "exactly" what we wanted to say when we first gave this presentation (SSATB 2015, Las Vegas), but we decided that Mr. Ogilvy had already said it better.

1. Know your audience.

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2. Put the customer before yourself.

3. Define your product.

Core Values

Awareness, Inspiration, & Action for the Greater Good

These values are grounded in our mission and directed by our motto: Omnibus Lucet or "The light shines for all."

4. Be original.

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