Winterim 2017Winterim is the centerpiece of Lawrence Academy's commitment to immersive education -- learning in the concrete and physical world of activity as a complement to learning in the vicarious and symbol-filled world of traditional classrooms. The 2018 catalog, listing this year's course offerings, is posted online (PDF at right). You will also find the 2018 Winterim Intro and Sign-up Forms here.

Note: Individual programs are subject to change.

The Winterim program is an opportunity to explore a broader range of subjects and skills than is otherwise possible in a regular classroom. In that spirit, student reporters assist the LA communications staff in covering their classmates' experiences, while gaining some knowledge of their own.

For a more historical perspective, check out the 2017, 2016, and 2015 Winterim Blogs (posted together below). You may also view 2014, 2013, the 2012 Winterim Photo Gallery, and the 2011 Winterim Blog.

Our hashtag on social media is #LAWinterim.

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Day 2: Sliding Into Gear

Posted by John Bishop in Video on Tuesday March 7, 2017
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Andy's Auto

Posted by John Bishop on Tuesday March 7, 2017
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And Away We Go...

Posted by John Bishop on Tuesday March 7, 2017
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Day 2: Talking With Ms. Ruby

Ms. Ruby

By Junior Saldanha '18

Groton, MA -- Day 2 of Winterim started off strong, so the LA Winterim News Team sprung into action right away (at 8:00 a.m.) - while many teams were still eating breakfast!

Staring in the Dining Hall, we tried to visit each group and interviewed three faculty members and three students; all as we gathered background video footage and photos from multiple programs.

Along the way, we interviewed Ms. Ruby -- who went to LA -- and asked her about her time at Lawrence Academy and how did running a Winterim as a faculty member compare to attending one as a student.

“Running a Winterim is way harder because you actually have to plan stuff," she said. "You’re in charge of a lot of other people and depending on what your doing it’s a little more nerve wracking.”

Ms. Ruby, who is running the Warm and Wooly knitting Winterim added, "It’s fun I still thoroughly enjoy it, but planning and running is much harder than doing.”

Asked what parallels she saw between her time attending a Winterim as a student and what the students are experiencing right now, Ms. Ruby thought a moment and said, "in many cases even if the actual courses change, a lot of the themes stay the same.

“So, there’s usually service trips, courses that are skills based, art based, personal challenge.

"It’s a lot of the same ideas,” she said.

We asked her if there were any distinct differences between her time as a student and now, she laughed knowinglyl and said, “the phone issue was not an issue when I was a student, because [smart] phones didn’t exist.

"So, it was like, 'Yep, you're away so the only thing you needed was a phone card so you can use a payphone.'

“Now, it’s a big issue because kids are on their phone all the time, so it makes it harder for them to be 'present' in their Winterim,” she said.

As a result, many leaders ask for, and hold their students' smart phones or instruct them to turn them off.

Finally, we wondered aloud what Winterim did she find most enjoyable when she was a student. The alum stated that, “the favorite one I did was backpacking in the Grand Canyon what Mr. J.”

She added that on Mr. Johnson's Winterim, “the first week we were actually backpacking in the Grand Canyon -- like we were physically in the Grand Canyon -- so we flew down that Monday and from Tuesday to Friday we spent tenting.”

As the Winterim News Team, today, what we found most interesting, was hearing Ms. Ruby explain how the basics of the program remain the same.,

As Ms. Rudy said, despite the course changes and changing times, LA has successfully kept the tradition of Winterim alive and have tried to keep it as close to its roots as possible.

We’re glad to see Ms. Ruby (and others) continuing the Winterim tradition as a teacher!

Posted by John Bishop in Story on Tuesday March 7, 2017
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From Clay to Kiln (and beyond...)

#LAWinterim is off to a great start. Check out some of these photos! #WinterimNewsTeam #TodayAtLA

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Posted by John Bishop on Monday March 6, 2017
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Instant Improvement

By Rebecca Magee '18

Groton, MA -- Today is the first day of Winterim and the beginning of many different learning opportunities.

Joao Saldanha, a junior here at Lawrence Academy, is a part of the Winterim News Team, a Winterim group responsible for covering all of the different Winterim activities happening on campus (and beyond...).

Their job is to compose posts for various LA's social media sites, write blogs for the Lawrence Academy website, capture videos for Youtube, and take photos.

Today, Joao was mainly responsible for interviewing fellow students and teachers on video, a task he has never performed before.

When asked how the day went, he responded, "I was kind of scared to be in front of the camera. Asking people questions [on camera] has always appeared so awkward to me."

As his new teammates on the #WinterimNewsTeam were curious to find out if what Joao thought interviewing people was going to be like was how it actually went for him today.

"I found out that sometimes you have set strict boundaries on how you do things," he said. "For example, I am normally a pretty energetic person so I like to move around a lot and tap my feet, but on camera you can't do that because it would be distracting.

"But, I didn't expect it to be as fun as it was."

We went on to ask about how many people Joao has interviewed.

"Around eight, I think," he said and we couldn't help but wonder if, even in the limited experience he has had interviewing people, that Joao has already seen an improvement in his interviewing skills.

"I think so," He responded and explained for his first few interviews he stayed to the script he prepared ahead of time, and only asked the questions he had written down prior to the interview. He then realized that he could ask questions based on the interviewees answers.

As the day wound down, and despite his nerves beforehand, Joao, when asked if he would interview more people during the remainder of Winterim, responded with an excited "definitely".

Posted by John Bishop in Video on Monday March 6, 2017
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Day 1: Winterim 2017

By Junior Saldanha '18

Groton, MA -- Day 1 of Winterim started slow this morning, but that didn’t stop the LA Winterim News Team.

We started off by going to our local wise man, Mr. Scheibe, and asked what exactly is his favorite part about Winterim, to which he stated that he most enjoyed seeing “everybody coming together, but at the same time ready to go on to about a thousand different directions.”

LA's head of school then added that, “My favorite part is doing something different in a calculated organized way.”

We then asked what Winterim he would have chosen if he were a student at LA, Mr. Scheibe stated, “Quilting would be the on-campus one, because it really gets into your experience and hyper focus right here in a small sort of artful way.

“[For the off-campus] I would go to the Galapagos, because it’s an adventure and it’s obviously something I know very little about.”

Asked whether he thought those two Winterims really exemplified the idea of “something different in a calculated organized way” he responded, “In any of those Winterims I think a student could experience something sort of quiet and subtle.

"Something that almost sort of makes them uncomfortable in a way.”

We thanked Mr.Scheibe and made our rounds to check on the Winterims.

Initially it was a slow morning, because people were just getting started; Winterim leaders took the time to explain what to expect throughout the next two weeks and asked the students questions to get an insight on what they know about their chosen subject.

Moments later we started to see what Scheibe meant by Winterim being something that would make them uncomfortable in way because it was away from the classroom environment

We also asked students what they were doing for Winterim and why they picked their experiences.

Some students admitted that they picked their Wnterim based on what their parents wanted and other said that they were just interested in learning what that specific Winterim was about, but one thing that they all had in common was -- despite the confidence they might claim to have -- they were all nervous for what their Winterim was going to become.

As we entered every different Winterim we noticed that some students looked a little awkward in a way since they didn’t exactly know what they were meant to do, and that’s probably why some kids were so reluctant on answering why they chose their Winterim.

Students are so used to sitting down in a class room and listening to teachers; they’ve become comfortable with that environment.

Now that their taken out of their comfort zone they just feel odd and out of place, which forces them to adapt and learn.

Which is pretty much the point of Winterim, no?

More later...

Posted by John Bishop on Monday March 6, 2017
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Some Final Moments

Posted by John Bishop on Saturday March 19, 2016
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Winterim News Team: Recap and Wrap-Up

by Kacey Hartner ’13

Groton, MA Though Winterim 2016 is coming to a close on this mild March day, it is not without excitement, achievement, new experience, and an all-around bittersweet feeling descending over campus.

Caribbean adventurers and Dominican explorers are returning from their travels, while Clay and Kiln creators are finishing their final products and drones are making their final flights.

And through it all, from start to finish, the Winterim News Team was there to document all of LA’s Winterims - from Ansin and Gray Buildings, to Florida, Ecuador, and the Rio Grande.

“I loved this Winterim,” reports Khloe Hartner ’17, this time on the other side of the journalistic approach. “At first, I was a little uncomfortable in front of the camera.”

News teammates Zach May ’16, Irma Krimelyte ’17, and Josh Newsome ’17 participated alongside Khloe in an effort to learn hands-on the process of PR, web, reporting, social media, event coverage, and journalism in their two weeks with the Communications Department's John Bishop and Jonathan Gotlib.

“I’m really glad [Mr. Bishop and Mr. Gotlib] pushed us out of our comfort zones,” Khloe continued.

“It was a really good experience that helped open up my eyes to the world of social media,” agreed Josh of the program, officially entitled “Web Reporting and Social Media.”

“The food was really good, too. Love the food,” he added with a smile, noting that the four lucky students were happy to be exposed to a number of unique restaurants during their two weeks, learning review styles and experiential reporting.

“I saw a hockey game for the first time, too, so that was very cool,” Josh, a native of England, explained.

The students were happy to use outside experiences such as visiting museums, watching hockey games, and interviewing professional players from AHL to build their interviewing and reporting skills as they delivered Winterim coverage to the LA community through blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

On campus Winterims will recall seeing the News Team popping in and out to take photos, video, and to inquire about their projects. In betwen their work on campus, the group also traveled to Boston's John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Cambridge’s Harvard Square, Lowell’s Tsongas Arena, Springfield’s MassMutual Center, Wakefield’s Hockey East Headquarters, and more.

“I like that we had an on campus Winterim that still spent some time off campus,” says Irma, who hails from Lithuania. “It was my first Winterim and I was not disappointed.

“And since we were only four people, we got really close.”

On their last day together, the Winterim News Team is working hard to be in touch with all Winterims to conclude their final coverage before the eagerly awaited spring break.

“I’d still be really happy to stay here for the next two weeks,” reports Zach.

Communications Intern Kacey Hartner ’13, was excited to have the opportunity to experience Winterim with her sister, Khloe Hartner, ’17, and to have another turn to be involved with the two week activity that is perhaps one of the best experiences that embodies Lawrence Academy.

Posted by John Bishop on Friday March 18, 2016
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