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For nearly five decades, Lawrence Academy has embraced the idea of experiential education through Winterim. The two-week mini-term in March is a central feature of LA’s educational program, breaking students out of their normal routines and encouraging them to open their minds, bodies, and hearts to new experiences. For some, Winterim is a cool, fun, and unique experience; for others, a Winterim program will end up infuencing their chosen path of study in college or their future career.

Roughly 44 Winterim options are offered each year, with each course falling into one of ve areas: cultural immersion, academic eld study, service learning, crafts and skills, or outdoor adventure. Students can stay on campus and in the Groton area or venture out of state – or even out of the country – and are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse areas of study and explore a variety of options throughout their time at Lawrence Academy.


For Example: The Maripositas

As part of Winterim, Lawrence Academy students have been working with the Mariposa Foundation in the Dominican Republic since 2001. Spanish teachers Nate Cabot and Rob Moore lead the trip to the northern coastal town of Cabarete where, under the guidance of LA alumna parent and Mariposa Foundation Executive Director Patricia Suriel, students work with the 7-16-year-old girls, nicknamed “maripositas” (“butterflies” in Spanish), who are part of the program.

“These girls are so voracious and full of energy and optimism. Despite coming from extreme poverty, they want to learn all they can and fulfill all their dreams,” shares Rob Moore. While teaching, mentoring and playing with the Maripositas, Lawrence students “see the joy and happiness in these little girls and think deeply about what happiness is and what sources of happiness are.” They also spend time visiting some of the Maripositas’ homes, working to better the Mariposa Foundation’s facilities, and cleaning up plastic debris from the nearby Yásica River.

Experience It Firsthand...

In addition to the Lawrence Academy group’s vital work at the Mariposa Foundation, students also explore their surroundings and the Dominican culture through excursions to the Waterfalls of Damajagua and a trip to La Boca, where the Yásica River meets the sea. Although knowledge of the Spanish language is not a prerequisite for the Dominican Service Project Winterim, students in the program learn and experience the language in an immersive setting, and Spanish lessons at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are taught throughout the two weeks.

“It’s one thing to hear about life in developing countries on the news and from other people, but it’s another thing to actually see it and experience it firsthand,” says Matt Noel ’19. “The students and the teachers alike seemed extremely grateful that we were there to help them, and I felt the same in return. It’s something special to be part of a community that cares so much about the betterment of the world and encourages its students to be good people.

Note: Individual programs are subject to change.


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5 Ranks: Winterim Things

Mr. Scheibe is well-known on the LA campus for his signing "snow day" declarations. However, today "Head mixMaster Grande" delivered "a little Winterim jam - Five Ranks."

The lyrics are below:

Yo, even the sketchiest weather conditions

Won't interfere with our Winterim visions

No matter what Mother Nature will bring

These are a few of our Winterim things

Potter and Margraf will catch us some fishes

Quilting makes beautiful patterns with stitches

We go to Galapagos on airplane wings

These are a few of our Winterim Things

Play chess, learn scuba

Make your own tuba

Belize, DR

Or even Cuba

You like my chair,

Gee thanks just built it

I got some help

From Mister Matt Smith

First choice, I got it

Second choice, she got it

Third choice he got it

Fourth choice they got it

You like my boat,

Gee thanks, just built it

Fifth choice, OK

You got this, you got this

It's a tradition in our Spartan Nation

Experiential LA education

We know before we start it will be all good

Cause it is led by Sir Anthony Hawgood

Seasonal affect can make you a sad guy

Yoga and martial arts make you a jedi

Faculty leaders create clever schemes

These are the pairs that I see in my dreams

There's Fos

And Ryan

Raquel and


There's Smith

and Dawson

That will

Be Awesome

There's Liu

and Brescia



We're get-

Tin human

With Bell

And Poulin

The Beard

and Igoe

But not





And K Po

You like

My vase

Gee thanks

Just fired it

In Clay and Kiln

McBride where’s Ms. Whit

Students acting like frequent fliers

Other schools are try-hard tryers

Passport my business card

Get back before it expires

I don't mean to brag,

But Winterim's got some swag

We lead the ISL

by doing Winterim well

What should I choose, Flip flops or boots

Wear proper footwear don't try to be cute

Proper hydration and nutrients too

Guzzling Gatorade, water, or juice

Look at my neck, Look at my neck

Got a bad sun burn, but hey what the heck

That's what you get, that's what you get

Use the correct level of SPF

Best wishes for an amazing Winterim, everyone!

Posted by John Bishop on Monday March, 4, 2019 at 02:01PM

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