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The Winterim program is an opportunity to explore a broader range of subjects and skills than is otherwise possible in a regular classroom. In that spirit, student reporters assist the LA communications staff in covering their classmates' experiences, while gaining some knowledge of their own.

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Restaurant Review: Pressed Cafe

Pressed LogoBy Vivian Liu '18

The weather was a little depressing on the second day of Winterim, but it didn’t affect the high morale of the news team.

Pressed After some hard work in the morning, we decided to go out for a lunch at the Pressed Café, suggested by the Communication's Office Hailey Wall '12, and located just a short drive from campus at 108 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua, NH.

We arrived at The Pressed Café around noon. It had simple decorations and a "neat" environment. During the busy lunch rush, it was packed with people of all ages, the giant menu on the wall covered many types of food and drinks: coffee, smoothies, breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, bagels & things, freshly tossed salad, signature paninis, etc.

burritoJunior Saldanha '18 ordered the spicy barbecue burrito and a fruit cup smoothie. He generally enjoyed the food, however, he said: “One thing I found kind of disappointing was that it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be, maybe it was because that I’m tolerant to spicy food because I eat peppers for dinner, just raw.”

Cobb SaladMr. Bishop ordered the Cobb Salad. He was very happy about with the salad: “I know what a good Cobb Salad tastes like. This was a little variation on that, but the greens were very fresh, the bacon was very crisp and the dressing was awesome. It was a great, great lunch.”

BarbequeMr. Gotlib ordered the backyard barbecue protein bawl. He commented: “It reminded me of trips to Nashville with the barbecue and the barbecue sauce, and the kimwa was very nice. It was very spicy, which was good.”

Another burritoBecca Magee '18 ordered the American burrito in a bowl and a peanut butter power smoothie. She liked the burrito and was especially impressed by the smoothie: “I got two because the first one was really good. I expected it to be really thick and kind of sticky like peanut butter-ish, but it wasn’t. it was more of a milk consistency.”

Cinnamon rollZamir Primus '18 ordered the American Burrito. He thought it was really good but added sarcastically, “My only complaint is that in the middle of my burrito, there was a cold piece of ham and I feel like I was caught off guard.” Zamir also ordered a gigantic cinnamon roll. He said it was really good but also really big.

Kimwa bowlMs. Wall ordered a protein kimwa bowl, which included black beans, corn, guacamole, kimwa and chicken. She said: “It was kind of like a Chipotle burrito, but it was better, because it was kimwa and no rice. Out of 10, I would give it a 8.7.”

Generally, the Pressed Café is a really good choice for a relaxing meal. It has a great variety of food and a comfortable atmosphere. Everyone at the Winterim News Team Table would like to go back and try more items off the amazing menu.

Check out Pressed Café next time you are in Nashua, NH.

Posted by John Bishop in Food Review on Wednesday March, 8, 2017

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