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Winterim 2017Winterim is the centerpiece of Lawrence Academy's commitment to immersive education -- learning in the concrete and physical world of activity as a complement to learning in the vicarious and symbol-filled world of traditional classrooms. The 2018 catalog, listing this year's course offerings, is posted online (PDF at right). You will also find the 2018 Winterim Intro and Sign-up Forms here.

Note: Individual programs are subject to change.

The Winterim program is an opportunity to explore a broader range of subjects and skills than is otherwise possible in a regular classroom. In that spirit, student reporters assist the LA communications staff in covering their classmates' experiences, while gaining some knowledge of their own.

For a more historical perspective, check out the 2017, 2016, and 2015 Winterim Blogs (posted together below). You may also view 2014, 2013, the 2012 Winterim Photo Gallery, and the 2011 Winterim Blog.

Our hashtag on social media is #LAWinterim.


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Final Thoughts from Ghost Ranch

From Brennan McCoormick
Hello... It's me (quoting Adele). Today is our last day of preteen Bieber, Electric feel and hitch hikers. We will all miss the nights of laughter and the days of creating vibrant and beautiful artwork. We will miss the mysterious smell of our crunky room. The ways the bed rolled and how we threatened to roll Renae out into the mountains (jokes). We will miss our long drives with ripping our lungs out singing along to French club songs thanks to DJ Kelli. We are going to be very emotional when it is eventually the end of the day. We are venturing out today to go back to the streets of Santa Fe. We couldn't resist coming back for some more prickly pear lemonade (even though I think it tastes like dentist bubblegum). The random cows and shower talks will be deeply missed as will the elk.

Can't wait to see you all. Flights are on time. Peace.

Posted by John Bishop on Thursday March, 17, 2016

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