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Winterim 2017Winterim is the centerpiece of Lawrence Academy's commitment to immersive education -- learning in the concrete and physical world of activity as a complement to learning in the vicarious and symbol-filled world of traditional classrooms. The 2018 catalog, listing this year's course offerings, is posted online (PDF at right). You will also find the 2018 Winterim Intro and Sign-up Forms here.

Note: Individual programs are subject to change.

The Winterim program is an opportunity to explore a broader range of subjects and skills than is otherwise possible in a regular classroom. In that spirit, student reporters assist the LA communications staff in covering their classmates' experiences, while gaining some knowledge of their own.

For a more historical perspective, check out the 2017, 2016, and 2015 Winterim Blogs (posted together below). You may also view 2014, 2013, the 2012 Winterim Photo Gallery, and the 2011 Winterim Blog.

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"Greetings" From Ghost Ranch

From Brennan McCoormick
Even though "greetings" Is a little crunky (our new word we made up..) I thought that it would be perfect considering how this trip has been. Anyways, today we woke up to the fresh New Mexican air. We were so happy to wake up at 7:30 with a ferocious knock on our dwelling. We eventually got out of the room and had a huge breakfast which was ABSOLUTELY swell considering we would be in bathing suits later.

The later day consisted of Jory playing her tasteful music. We will never forget George Mikey and his careless of whispers SHHHHH. Once we pulled into the hot springs we saw a sign that said to be quiet because the place was sacred. This was an immediate red flag considering we had a Renae to control. Once we got inside we thought the only rational thing to do was get up all in the mud. We met a few muddy friends on the way that complimented Jory's nose. It is a piece of art btw. Apparently Kelli, Kaitlyn, Renae, and I look like sisters (hah funny).

After soaking in the beautiful murky water without a visible bottom, we looked like a bunch of prunes. Eventually we left to shower and get ready for our dinner. We managed to try a lot of new foods that night. It was very tragic and traumatizing when Renae and I decided elk tasted like the color gray. Once we choked down the elk, we proceeded to try Kelli and Jory's duck, this was surprisingly yummy. Kaitlyn and I split some clam chowder and apparently to Lucia, we looked like lady and the tramp. Renae still has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from the "elk burger". We finished the night with a campfire, delicious desert, and a massage train. With full stummy wongas, we counted sheep only to find us waking up to the ear bleeding knock next morning.

Posted by John Bishop on Wednesday March, 16, 2016

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