Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony

Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center

Beginning at Reunion 2014, Lawrence Academy has honored members of the community who have made outstanding contributions to the quality of athletics and have helped bring recognition, honor, and excellence to the school and its athletic program throughout its history.

Class of 2018

The 1972 Boys' Varsity Soccer Team-Steven H. Heinze '88-Heather Goehringer Causey '89

Edward J. (Ted) Crowley '89

Class of 2017

Harold Jackson ’57–1975 Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team–Tasha Taiste ’95–Chris Spatola '97

Class of 2016

1955 Varsity Football Team–Guillermo Cantu ’86–Jonathan Edwards ’91–Kristen Laggis Pedroli ’95–Patricia MacDougall White ’92

Class of 2015

1965 Tennis Team–Richmond Baker–Tori Wellington Hanna ’97–Craig MacDonald ’95
Bill Stewart ’39–Tony Voce ’00–Tom Warner ’75

Class of 2014

Ray “Scooter” MacLean ’32–Victor Heyliger ’33–Bill Flynn ’35–Norman Grant
David Jensen ’84–Cynthia Ryder Matthes ’84–Laurie Baker ’95

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