Dance Classes

Dance Classes

"Introduction to Dance" is the class during the academic day in which we introduce the beginner to the full picture of dance, from the perspectives of physicality, creativity, and technique.

"The World of Dance" looks at the development of dance within the context of human history. We do work in the classroom and the dance studio and frequently end up creating a work for the end-of-term show

"Choreography" is a study of the making of dances, from the uncovering of physical raw material to the structuring of an overall piece,  creating works for the end-of- term concerts.

The year-long "Honors Dance" is designed for students looking for a sustained and rigorous immersion in to dance, focusing on skills, choreography, performance, and theoretical philosophy of dance as a human endeavor.

Watch this Spartan POV to get a first person perspective of what it's like to be in dance class at LA.

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