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Community Service at Lawrence Academy

Our commitment to the community service program is reflected in our mission where we call on each other to take action for the common good and to cultivate a personal stake in lifelong learning.
Students must complete six (6) hours of community service for each year of attendance at Lawrence Academy in order to graduate. Hours should be completed during the academic year and community service opportunities will be offered on the weekends throughout the school year. Service opportunities can be found by clicking here. All sign-ups are online this year.
LA students may also arrange their own service opportunities, as long as they provide the school with a letter of participation directly from the non-profit organization at which they volunteered (specifically indicating the number of hours they have served recorded in the letter). All letters should be submitted to the Student Life Office by fax (to Tanya Clark at 978-448-9208), email ( or mail (PO Box 992, Groton, MA 01450). Please Note: We do not accept letters signed by family members.

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Attn. Seniors: You need to turn in all community service hours you have completed to Mrs. Clark by the afternoon of February 23, 2018. We strongly recommend that you turn them in as you complete them long before that deadline. If you do not have your hours done for this year or any years past you will have a meeting with Mrs. Poulin or Mr. Healy to set a plan for completion before you return from March Break.
Community Service Opportunities for Fall Term: Play baseball with kids with disabilities, help build a house for a deserving family, organize donations for children and teens in need, visit with senior citizens and adults and children with disabilities, serve a meal at a soup kitchen, and more.

Spartan Community Collections: The Community Service Advisory Board is a group of students who are in charge of various collections and projects throughout the year. Last school year they collected nearly 1300 items including books, prom gowns, canned foods, toys, Halloween costumes, socks, toiletries and pet supplies. Each month they will advertise a different collection which will help 1-2 area organizations.

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Any questions? Please direct them to Kimberly Poulin.

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