Injury Procedures

Parental Notification

When a student-athlete is injured, he/she will be evaluated by the Lawrence Academy Athletic Training office and a parent or guardian shall be notified as soon as possible when:

  1. The student’s injury requires further evaluation and care by their health care provider or when an emergency room visit would be more appropriate.
  2. The student’s injury requires further evaluation and care by a specialist recommended by the athletic trainer (orthopedic, etc..).
  3. The student requires transportation by ambulance to an emergency room.

If the injury is not reported to the athletic trainer, and a physician or other health care provider is consulted, a note is required detailing diagnosis and treatment before return to participation

Please note: Only notes signed by a medical clinician, e.g, MD, NP or PA will be accepted. 

If your son/daughter has the need to see a physician due to an athletic injury, we are familiar with area physicians who treat athletic injuries and understand the high school athlete. We will also be happy to work with your family physician or refer you to a specialist.

If an athlete sustains a sports-related head injury, including a suspected concussion, the athletic trainer or school nurse must be notified immediately so that a concussion assessment can be administered. If an athlete sustains a concussion, the athletic trainer, school nurse, or coach will notify parents and appropriate school staff and follow the protocol established for concussion management.

Remember: Medical clearance notes are required if an athlete is evaluated by a physician!

Decisions regarding the availability of an athlete for practice or game competition require the cooperative efforts of the athlete, coach, athletic trainer, physician, parents, and athletic director. Decisions will be made based on sound medical judgment with the outcome being good athletic health care for the athlete.

The following guidelines will be used to determine player status:

  • The team physician for Lawrence Academy will have the final say in reference to an athletic injury and an athlete’s ability to return to activity.
  • The school athletic trainer will have final say in the absence of the team physician.
  • Any long-term rehabilitation care for an athletic injury will be sent to formal physical therapy for care.
  • Other athletic therapy services for sports-related injuries will be provided on-site if feasible.
  • Otherwise, athletes should plan on utilizing outside formal physical therapy services for care.

A referral list of local PT providers is available in the athletic training office.

Emerson Physical Therapy

Center for Sports Rehab (PDF)
Rehab Health Questionnaire (PDF)

Parent/Athletic Concussion Packet

You may want to download or print the following information for reference:

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