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Varsity Girls' Cross Country vs. Tabor Academy

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 29, 2017


Event Recap:

On a sunny fall day, the girls lined up to compete against Tabor Academy’s teams—both boys and girls—along with boys from St. Sebastian’s. Suffice it to say it was not your typical event in cross country, but it was a great opportunity to run in Washburn Park, not far from Tabor’s campus.

The good news in the 15-50 loss to a predictably formidable team from Tabor is that all the girls competing for LA finished the day with personal records!

Kawai Martin led the team from the beginning, reaching the 1-mile mark at 7:30 as part of a plan to run more even splits. She reached the 2-mile mark at 15:31 (only 31 seconds behind her pace) and completed the race at 23:57 with a ppm of 7:42. Kawai succeeded in pacing herself more evenly while also improving on her previous PR by 22 seconds.

Jane Fu did a terrific job of holding to her race plan by completing the first mile under 8 minutes (7:55), slowing a bit over her second mile by 1:24 (16:34) before accelerating in the last 400 meters to finish second for LA in 25:54. Her new PR was 1:13 faster than her previous one (27:07).

Next to finish was sophomore Jess Fatzinger at 26:46. Along the way, Jess ran an 8-minute first mile, also exercising restraint, and then motored her way to the 2-mile mark at 16:50. When Jess completed the race at 26:46, she had trimmed 1:22 from her previous best of 28:08!

Reaching the 1-mile mark at 8:26, Crystal Xia ran her fastest first mile by 25 seconds. She completed 2 miles in 17:45, dropping off that pace by 1:33 before finishing the race fourth for LA in the time of 27:56. She lopped 2:44 from her previous best. Nikki Arnold kept pace with Crystal (8:24, 17:45) before finishing fifth for LA only 5 seconds later at 28:01, missing her race goal by only one second and eclipsing her previous PR by 39 seconds.

Rounding out the six finishers was Celine Kim, who ran hard to the finish line to finish at 29:20 after reaching the 1-mile mark at 8:26 and the second-mile mark at 18:41. What is remarkable in Celine’s race is that she lopped off no less than 2:37 from her 5K time at BB&N, a comparably fast course!

LA’s girls will face a more challenging course at home when they host their first race on Saturday, October 7, welcoming teams from Brooks, Thayer, and Middlesex. The girls’s varsity is scheduled to race at 4:30 PM.

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