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Varsity Girls' Cross Country vs. Brooks School*
vs. Buckingham Browne and Nichols School*

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 16, 2017

Score: 17-46, 15-50

Event Recap:

The day’s weather was in the low-70s and partly sunny, so the conditions for LA’s season-opening race held at BB&N’s flat home course encircling Fresh Pond Reservoir were very hospitable—especially for those running in the first cross country race of their lives.  

LA’s squad was led by junior Kawai Martin, who reached the 1-mile mark at 7:07. Sophomore Jess Fatzinger and junior Nikki Arnold completed their first mile side by side at 7:41, followed by rookie freshman rookie Jane Fu at 8:12. Eight seconds behind was senior Barbara Ou, returning to the team after missing her junior season. Freshmen rookie Crystal Xia and Celine Kim were only a second apart at 8:58 and 8:59, respectively.

The finishing order changed by the time the girls reached the finish line. Kawai maintained her lead, finishing the 5K race at 24:19, but it was Jane Fu who moved up to finish second for the Spartans, crossing the finish line at 27:07. Jess Fatzinger completed the race at 28:08 and Nikki Arnold finished at 28:40. Nine seconds later and separated from Nikki by one runner, Barbara clocked in at 28:49. Crystal pulled away from teammate Celine Kim before they finished 44th and 48th, respectively, at 30:40 and 31:57.

As they were told after their lengthy cool down by Coaches Brescia and Shaikh, the girls had worked hard and steadily throughout their first race. While BB&N left no doubt at the mile mark about the likely results, occupying the top seven places, all our girls ran with heart and—in the closing quarter mile—discipline and drive, from Kawai’s passing a competitor in the last 20 yards to Celine’s acceleration to the final turn in the race. The Spartans lost to BB&N, 15-50, and Brooks, 17-46.

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